• Thanks for keeping this wikia active and working on the underworked images. I apperciate it.

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    • Procrastinatingonhw
      Procrastinatingonhw removed this reply because:
      actually can't make him a content mod
      22:29, August 7, 2018
      This reply has been removed
    • Since I've done a lot of work uploading and updating images, I accept.

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    • Actually I just realized, I can't promote you to a content mod as I don't actually have that power, my bad, but I can make you Edit: (not rollback) chat mod and discussion mod, if that's okay.

      I did ask Purple Heart to promote, again super sorry for the inconvience for not checking this before I offered.

      Edit: I removed the previous reply because I found out I can't promote you to content mod, but I will try to get you to that rank.

      Edit: Alright it is done. Again, super sorry for that slip-up.

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    • A FANDOM user
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