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Training Grounds is where you can practice controls via Basic Training. You can also view Tutorials here via the View Materials area. Exiting the Training Grounds is akin to exiting a dungeon, where the player will return to Wishuel and will automatically save but the player does not lose their Prayer Effect.

In Basic Training, you can better familiarize yourself with controls:

  • Basic Actions Practice: You can review normal attacks, lock on, and other basic controls.
  • Guard Practice: You can review Guard and Perfect Guard.
  • Skill Practice: You can check how to activate skills
  • Mock Battle: The player is free to use skills, guard, lock on and activate awakening on dogoos that will re-spawn again and again until the player exits using the options button.

In Basic Training, only Neptune can be used. Only 4 different skills can be used and the player cannot go into their menu as that button is shared with exiting Basic Training.

Within Basic Training, monsters that are killed can drop materials. Dogoo can drop Monster Hide, Monster Fluid and Squishy Membrane. Pumpkinmon can drop Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Pumpkin Seed. Dogoo appears in Basic Actions Practice, Skill Practice and Mock Battle. Pumpkinmon appears in Guard Practice. The Dogoo in Basic Actions Practice and Skill Practice do drop 50 bells when being killed. No other monsters drop bells. No monsters in the Training Grounds drop EXP.


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