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Turquoise is an aristocrat who lives in a mansion located in Leanbox and is also the adoptive father of Jade in Hyperdimension Neptunia.



He appears to be an older man with a mustache and bowl hat. He wears a jacket of an unknown color due to be a silhouette. He appears holding a glass, most likely of wine.


Turquoise is a very friendly and kind man with an apparent love for girls who he finds to be "sexy." His love for his son, Jade, is true and genuine so after finding out that Jade is the one behind the battle instigation between Aristocrats and the Basilicom Sanctuary, he is shocked.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia

In his backstory, he fought the "corrupt" Leanbox Parliament for the Leanbox Sanctuary as a member of the Aristocrats. He, later adopted up Jade when he was orphaned by the purge.

After Jade saved the girls from imprisonment by the archbishop Yvoire, Turquoise meets them. He explains that he is part of the Aristocrats who wanted honor that was denied to them by the Sanctuary. He enlists their help to clear path to transport weapons to fight the Leanbox Sanctuary. Eventually the girls learned that Arfoire and Jade were going to use this fight to weaken both the Aristocrats and Leanbox Basilicom, they try to warn Turquoise. Compa explains to him that Jade was responsible. He was shocked and could not believe this but Jade confirms it.

He later appears to confirm that a piece of wood is part of Gheytz's bow.


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  • Just like Jade, Turquoise has a gemstone theme name.


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