My sister already has me, so you're not needed!
— Uni

Uni is Noire's persevering little sister. She acts as the CPU Candidate of Lastation. She is a supporting character in the Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection.



Uni has red eyes and black hair worn in two pigtails that are tied up by two black ribbons with white stripes. She wears a black one-piece pleated dress decorated with white stripes at the bottom of the pleats. She also wears matching arm warmers and shoes with knee high black socks sharing the same color scheme as her dress.


Uni is similar to Noire in personality regarding some aspects such as the tsundere factor. Overall, however, Uni seems to be much friendlier and a lot less arrogant than Noire due to the inferiority complex she has from striving to be just as flawless as her older sister.



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