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Good. I just came back from helping sister with the shopping.
— Uni

Uni is Noire's little sister. Like Noire, she is a tsundere. She acts as the CPU Candidate of Lastation.




Uni has red eyes and black hair worn in two pigtails that are tied up by two black ribbons with white stripes. She wears a black one-piece pleated dress decorated with white stripes at the bottom of the pleats. She also wears matching arm warmers and shoes with knee high black socks sharing the same color scheme as her dress.


Uni is similar to Noire in personality regarding some aspects such as the tsundere factor. Overall, however, Uni seems to be much friendlier and a lot less arrogant than Noire due to the inferiority complex she has from striving to be just as flawless as her older sister

Black Sister


Black Sister's hair stays in pigtails but becomes white and curls up while her eyes become a bright green similar to Noire's. In the upgraded version of her default bodysuit, Uni wears a a black and white two piece bikini-like bodysuit with matching shoulder length gloves and thigh-high boots with 3 inch block heels.


Black Sister's personality is identical to her human form though, as with nearly all the goddesses, she becomes a lot more confident in her abilities and more serious.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

Uni appears if the system plan "The Birth of Uni" is activated, which requires Lastation's shares to be 50% or higher. Once activated, a scene will play in Lastation in which Histoire introduces Noire to her new sister. Noire is delighted to be an older sister, though Histoire urges her not to scare the girl with her work ethics. A CPU blog entry will be posted announcing Uni's birth.

Uni has no other significant role in the story (outside of some scenes in the True Ending), and will remain in the party from the beginning when the player continues from a cleared save file.


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