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Uni, also known as Black Sister, is one of the protagonists in Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation. She acts as the CPU of the nation Lastation and is also the younger sister of Noire.

Much like her older sister she is hard-working and a tsundere. She has a inferiority complex to her sister and often compares herself to her. This causes Uni to work twice as hard in the hopes that she will someday be as perfect as Noire.




Uni has red eyes and black hair worn in two pigtails that are tied up by two black ribbons with white stripes. She wears a black one-piece pleated dress decorated with white stripes at the bottom of the pleats. She also wears matching arm warmers and shoes with knee high black socks sharing the same color scheme as her dress.


Uni is similar to Noire in personality regarding some aspects such as the tsundere factor. Overall, however, Uni seems to be much friendlier and a lot less arrogant than Noire due to the inferiority complex she has from striving to be just as flawless as her older sister.

Black Sister


Black Sister's hair stays in pigtails but becomes white and curls up while her eyes become a bright green similar to Noire's. She wears a full black bodysuit with matching black detached-sleeves and thigh-high boots.


Black Sister's personality is identical to her human form though, as with nearly all the goddesses, she becomes a lot more confident in her abilities and more serious.


Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

The Goddess (Neptune) of Planeptune

Uni first appears in the friendship treaty ceremony in the audience with Kei Jinguji and the rest of Lastation Basilicom's staff. After her sister, Noire signs the ceremony with the other CPUs, she appears in Planeptune Basilicom's deck. She stands next to Nepgear as the CPUs toast their drinks.

Uni, next appears handing in some paperwork. She asks Noire what she thinks of her work. Noire offhandedly praises her for working at a normal pace. Nepgear waves hello to her. Neptune, Nepgear's older sister asks Noire if Uni is her friend as she teases Noire for being a loner. Neptune says that shouldn't count as a friend. Noire says she has other friends but Neptune concludes Noire is a loner. Uni sadly leaves the Basilicom.

Uni broods on a deck in front of a pond. Nepgear greets her and apologizes to her on behalf of her sister since Neptune kept Noire busy. Uni says it does not matter as Noire does not praise her unless her work is better. Uni then gets sadder as she knows she can never beat Noire nor can she transforms. Nepgear comforts saying she cannot transform yet. Uni says she'll transform first and Nepgear praises her sprirts. Nepgear then gets a call from Rom and Ram on her N-Gear. Nepgear wonders how they know she is in Lastation and Uni says she called them.

Noire then decides to lead everyone in monster hunting to teach Neptune what it means to be a Goddess. Noire briefs the party on where they need to hunt monsters, Nasuume Highlands and Torunne Cave. Uni points out no one listening. Neptune is distracted by a sign and Compa needs to take a break.

In Nasuume Highlands, Noire says Neptune and Nepgear will hunt the monsters which is a swarm of Dogoos. Uni takes Nepgear's N-Gear and says she will take pictures for public relations. As the Dogoos begin to overwhelm Neptune and Nepgear, IF and Compa decide to help. The Dogoos continue to swarm and Uni asks Noire to help which she refuses. Eventually the Dogoos are defeated and Noire berates Neptune for her lack of transformation. She says she will handle the monsters in Torunne Cave. Uni wants to go with her but Noire refuses saying she should help the others get better from the monsters. Neptune asks Uni to show her the pictures she took. Neptune considers them cute and sends them out to her email.

Uni appears with Nepgear, IF and Compa after Neptune and Noire defeat the monsters in the Cave. They are pleased with the work done.

The Terrorist (Lickorrist) of Lowee

Uni appears in the carriage with Noire, Neptune and Nepgear to visit Lowee's Basilicom. Afterwards, Blanc was chasing her sisters through the hallways of her Basilicom when they notice Uni and the rest of the carriage riders. While the Goddesses discuss wanting to go to the new amusement park, Super Retro Land, Uni builds a snowman with the other CPU Candidates.

The CPU Candidates rush into the amusement park. Uni tries to remind Nepgear not to forget their tickets as she chases Rom and Ram to give them their coats. In Super Retro Land, the CPU Candidates play with the warp pipes. Uni then grabs a Dogoo coin while Nepgear grabs a Kupokitty coin. Rom and Ram are disappointed with their tetris coin. They then see and grab a trail of rare reptile coins. Nepgear then appears to be looking for something. Uni asks what is wrong. Nepgear wonders where Rom and Ram are. Uni points at the trail of reptiles coins and says they went that way. The two follow the trail and find Trick kidnapping Rom and Ram with Linda. Trick whips out his tongue and knocks Uni and Nepgear down.

Uni is seen with the remaining Goddesses pleading with Nepgear and Neptune to be allowed to Blanc at least to apologize. They are refused and Abnes suddenly barges in Blanc's room. She tries to film and slander Blanc over Rom and Ram's kidnapping. Uni and the Goddesses are seen resting outside in the garden after being refused entry. They take notice of Abnes and Blanc and arrive to kick Abnes out. Blanc suddenly collapses and Uni asks if her potential lost of shares due to Abnes is the cause. Noire refutes this theory ask public opinion cannot be swayed so quickly. Vert then explains that to fix this they need to save Rom and Ram.

Vert explains Terra View, a satellite from Lowee that takes pictures of the world combined with Leanbox's image enhancement software which increases resolution. This effectively allows one to see everything in Gamindustri. The two were planning on sharing this with Planeptune and Lastation as a surprise present. Vert finds the kidnappers at a construction site in Super Retro Land.

Vert attempts a hostage exchange with CFW Trick which he refuses since he only likes little girls. Vert transforms into her HDD which scares Linda into fleeing. Linda runs into Uni and Noire. Noire quickly dispatches of Linda. Eventually Blanc finds Trick and rescues her sisters from him.

The next morning Uni is seen reading a book with Nepgear. Rom and Ram are drawing on the book however. Blanc tries to stop this but Ram asks why as there are so many copies so it should be okay to draw on some. Blanc explains those are the stories she spent the night working on. Noire asks Uni what the story is about. Uni explains it is about a girl who fell from the sky and a boy born with a special power working together to save the world. Nepgear praises how cool the book is Blanc, embarrassed yells at them to stop reading.

A Weekend (Girls' Night) in Leanbox

Uni is seen with the Goddesses, IF and Compa watch 5pb.'s concert in Leanbox. The Goddesses with IF and Compa look for Vert. Neptune finds a messy room full of games and anime. Nepgear finds Vert in her room. Uni picks up the game Four Goddesses Online, the game Vert was playing. Vert was originally supposed to host a party for the Goddesses at the concert but was held up by the game.

Noire dresses up as a maid and says they will take plan for the party themselves. Uni is assigned with cleaning up the room. She puts away the loose boxes, but knocks a figurine down. She reassembles it but mixes up some of the parts.

With the party all set up, Vert introduces the a game with a device that projects one's move to an avatar in 3D. She explains it has a combat simulation mode. Uni says that is amazing. Uni as a kupokitty is seen pulling a Neptune Dogoo away from Noire Dogoo as a Leanbox Basilicom staff tells Vert some urgent issues. Noire ends the game as Vert explains of an outbreak of monsters in a disposal plant in the Zune district. The CPUs decide to go to Zune district and the candidates want to help but are refused by their sisters.

The Resolve (Turn) of the Younger Sisters

IF reports to Histoire the fact that the CPUs are captured due to the anti-crystal. Histoire tells the candidates to go home and Uni refuses. She wants an explanation as Noire is really strong and is not likely to be beatened. She is concerned with the anti-crystal which seal a Goddess' power. Nepgear apologizes as she had a dizzy spell caused by the anti-crystal and should have told the CPUs. Uni then tearfully says Nepgear should have taken Noire's place of being captured before running away.

In Leanbox's deck Nepgear stares out into the starry sky. Rom tries to comfort her and Ram brings Uni to her. Uni apologizes for wrongly accusing Nepgear of something she could not have known about. Nepgear accepts her apology. Uni then says she always believed her sister to be the strongest and nothing could go wrong as long as she is fine. Since she is gone Uni does not know what to do. Nepgear agrees and feels the same way with her sister. Ram says all they have to do is save their sister but to do that they need to transform. Uni says the candidates cannot transform because they are subconsciously limiting themselves.

The CPU Candidates decide to train on the game to unlock their HDD. Compa is the combat partner but she is not a good one. IF comes in and questions what they are doing so the candidates explain their goals. IF is about to take Compa's place as their combat partner but Abnes arrives and is sucked in to their training. Uni loads her gun, Rom and Ram charge at Abnes with her fleeing. Compa finds out there is an AI combat mode. Nepgear defeats an Ancient Dragon in the game. Uni remarks they have killed a lot of monsters but have not transformed. Nepgear wants to train more but they are out of time. IF explains the people who have captured the CPUs wish to post images of their capture to crash their shares.

They head over to the Zune district. IF notes for trying to save the CPUs, shares will not crash. Uni asks if they are ready. The other candidates nods and they charge forward with IF and Compa. Monsters appear and Uni shots some of them down. Nepgear cuts forward. Rom and Ram defend each other as they go forward. The monsters keep on coming and Uni with the candidates are starting to get overwhelmed. Uni screams as Nepgear tries to defend from a barrage of bullets. In despair, Nepgear remembers Uni's words about limiting transformation. Nepgear transforms saves Uni along with the other candidates and charges straight to the prison field where the CPUs are captured.

The Resonance (Limit Break) of the Goddesses

The candidates with Nepgear transformed easily wipe out the monsters in their way. Nepgear explains how she transformed with her desire to not be weak and protected by her sister. Uni says that does not apply to her since she was never fine with being weak.

The candidates arrive to see their sister tied up by wires in the prison field. They say they will not take long to rescue them. Arfoire greets them and is about to begin her speech. Warechu, however arrives to interrupt to say hi to Compa. Nepgear asks her why she is doing this. Arfoire states she wants a world without CPUs where anyone strong can gain power. Uni says she is only jealous. Arfoire says she is no longer jealous and transforms to her own version of HDD using anti-energy.

Arfoire attacks Nepgear by copying Neptune's skill. Nepgear gets trashed as Arfoire continues to copy the CPUs' skills. Rom and Ram transform to attack Arfoire. She responds by creating flying laser projectiles to fire lasers forcing Nepgear, Rom and Ram constantly on the defensive. Uni tries to aim at the projectiles but is bothered by the fact that she cannot transform. She is worried about how her sister will think but she resolves to keep shooting and aiming for her target. She downs all of Arfoire's projectiles forcing her back from the candidates. Nepgear, Rom and Ram congratulate her.

Before they can celebrate, the prison darkens and anti-energy begin engulf the CPUs which will kill them. The CPUs make an effort to hold each other as they lose consciousness. Arfoire tries to break the candidates by telling them they are too late however seeing 4 lights inside the prison, they refuse to give up in saving their sister. Their share energy resonates weakening Arfoire's transformation. She tries to flee but Uni shoots down her wings. The remaining candidates finish her off and break the prison.

The candidates reunite with their sisters after a long battle. Uni apologizes to Noire on how long she took to save her. Noire says she is so proud of how much she grew. Uni hugs Noire. The other candidates hug their respective sisters.

Afterwards, to regain any lost shares from the Noire's capture, Uni and Noire hunt monsters around Lastation. They ended up with more shares than before!

The Secret (Your-Eyes-Only) of Lastation

Uni is seen showing off Clutter the Bandicoot, her pet to Rom and Ram in Lastation's Basilicom. Blanc talks to Noire about Lastation's security. Noire brags about how flawless her security is and assumes Blanc wants help with security. She is happy to help Blanc at a price. Blanc tells her that her security was breached and a satellite was hacked by someone using a Lastation sever. Noire says that is as likely as someone falling on the sky and crashing to her. Neptune falls from the sky and crashes into her. Uni is shocked to see Neptune.

Neptune introduces Peashy to everyone. Rom and Ram play with Peashy. Noire tells Uni to watch them as she discusses business with the CPUs. After the CPUs leave, Uni asks Nepgear for help. She explains that every night, Noire locks herself in her office doing something. She also hears some strange laughter in the office. Nepgear then asks if what she wants is to know what is Noire doing in her office. Uni confirms this and Nepgear shows her a hidden camera. Nepgear is very eager to set some up.

Uni notes that Nepgear is enjoying herself when setting up the cameras. When they test it, the camera transmits very clear images of the office. Uni feels unhappy and Nepgear asks her what is up. Uni says she feels what they are doing is wrong. Nepgear agrees and they decide to take down the cameras but then they get static in their images. Nepgear says that is cross connection. This means there are other cameras in the office.

Uni angrily walks down a street in Lastation with the other candidates. She says she will beat the voyeur black and blue. She asks Nepgear where the culprit is. Nepgear says she can only give a general location using her reverse tracking device. Uni is impressed that Nepgear has all these gadgets. Nepgear replies that her devices are a must have for any girl going out. Uni wonders for what universe is that true. Uni sees their sisters flying to a building and they follow to track down the culprit. Clutter runs off into the building prompting the girls to follow a Peashy after Clutter.

In the building Uni and the candidates look for both Peashy and Clutter. Clutter and Peashy crash into an Anonydeath. His documents fall out and Uni finds a picture of Noire in cosplay. She knows Anonydeath is the voyeur and she transforms to beat him. Noire arrives and Anonydeath surrenders. Noire asks if the candidates saw her pictures. They admit to doing so and Noire asks them what they were doing here in the first place. She tells to forget about those pictures.

Uni returns to the Basilicom with Noire. Noire asks Uni if she is ashamed of Noire doing cosplay. If she is, then Noire will stop cosplay. Uni says she is not because Noire only does cosplay because Uni is now able to help her do work. She wants to be useful to Noire and Noire's cosplay is the result of Uni's help to Noire. Noire agrees and thanks Uni. From the sky a girl in purple crash lands into Noire. She reveals herself to be Plutia, Planeptune's CPU.

The Paradise (Island) Forbidden

Uni first appears after Neptune's spat with Peashy. She along with the rest of the Goddess scold Neptune for being so harsh to Peashy for pudding. Neptune attempts to change the subject asking why they are all in Planeptune's Basilicom. Vert explains that they are going to R-18 island. Noire covers Uni's ears and Uni covers Ram's ears as Vert discusses the activities done in R-18 island.

Uni does not go to R-18 island with the rest of the CPUs and Nepgear. She is later seen with the the remaining CPU candidates trying to cheer up a sad Peashy. Although she is the only member of the group to not say anything.

IF and Compa set up a kiddie pool for the CPU candidates and Peashy to play in. Uni complains that it is just a small kiddie pool before being splashed by Ram. She decides to play along and try to get back at Ram in the kiddie pool having fun like everyone else in the kiddie pool.

As the CPUs return from their adventures in R-18 island, Uni is with the group that sadly greets them. They explain to her that Peashy has returned home. Nepgear asks if they can still visit but Uni says they left without leaving their address.

The Challenge (Rebellion) of Eden

Uni, first appears this episode talking to IF and Compa via video calling. She is surprised to learn that Neptune and Nepgear are unavailable due to Neptune willingly go out to patrol. Uni says she is currently in Lowee, helping Rom and Ram locate Peashy via Terra View. Uni thinks they found the location of Peashy.

Uni, Rom and Ram meet IF and Compa near the suspected building where Peashy was last seen on Terra View. They enter the building and check each door to find the rooms empty. They reach the top floor and last room where they find a room full of anti-CPU posters. IF and Compa realize, they have seen those posters before and think something is up.

The Battlefront (Conflict) of Oblivion

Uni appears frantic as she asks her sister if Planeptune was attacked by Eden. It is and before Uni can leave to assist Planeptune, Noire shows her pictures of riots occurring in Lastation. She entrusts Uni to quell them instead of being concerned with Planeptune.

For the remainder of the episode she is able to defeat the monsters accompanying the rioters without a single causality in Lastation. Eventually the rioters calm down as a result of Noire and Plutia destroying the device that gives Eden shares.

Uni reappears with the CPUs, Histoire, IF and Compa as they see Peashy and Plutia return to the Ultra Dimension.

The Emissary (Aggressor) of Old

The Ties (Bifrosts) of Tomorrow

The Eternity (True Ending) Promised

Neptune's Summer Vacation

Thanksgiving (Festival) Full of Nep-Nep

Although not having much of a role, Uni is seen watching the Planeptune Costume Festival live stream alongside Noire.


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