About Me

Not really talkative, I usually don't bother with forums, wikia and stuff like this. since there are always people 'too nice for their own good' who fills the pages even before I try to look for informations.

I came looking for infos on Hyperdevotion Noire, and sadly I came across incomplete pages. No one like incomplete pages.

Finished Hyperdevotion, I will start playing Megadimension soon.

About my username

My usual username was already used on the wikia community, so I had to find something else. I don't like adding random number at the end, nor using a random name for a non-disposable account.

I wanted a HDN themed and a funny username, so I went with this just for the sake of writing my stupid RP paragraph.

Who am I ? (RP corner)

Just an ordinary daydreamer graduate and your average Gameindustry citizen. Like any guy who wants to look cool, I learned some swordsmanship and become a lowest rank Guild member.

Being eager to become someone useful, I choose to work for Lastation's Basilicom to learn from the hard-working Goddess (more like I don't want cold weather all the years, I heard some strange rumors about Green Heart, and I gave up on Planeptune, thinking I would not be skilled enough for the strongest nation).

My overzealous attitude at work compared to my colleagues relaxed attitude rewarded with a quick promotion and now ... I have nothing to do except being lazy like the other. Why ? Lady Black Heard does it all alone with style, nothing left to do.

What I am doing now ?

  • Guild work
  • Plotting behing the scene to make Uni outhsines her sister
  • Make Planeptune reconize Nepgear as its rightful Goddess (gave up on this, people don't care, Nepgear loves her sister too much, etc...)
  • Build nation with Nepgear & Uni as the nation's twin Goddesses, and reaches #1 in shares ranking
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