Wait, wait... Jade has made a template which looks... Decent?
~ Pretty much everyone who sees this

Hi, I am Rainbow Shifter, also known as Jade, and I have been editing Wikia since 2011 as an anon until I finally made this account on March 3, 2012. These days I am usually found on The Hunger Games Wiki (amongst others) as a Bureaucrat and have been known to help on many other wikis to clean up pages and help with vandalism. I am also a member of the Wikia Stars project.

I have a very unhealthy obsession interest in books, anime, manga and RPG games and I would happily talk to you about these all day long. I am also guilty of writing too much fanfiction and not sleeping.

Because I am active on many different wikis, I have a rotationary system where, for about a couple of days, I just focus on that one wiki and try and help best I can. I hope that this will explain if I have been absent from the wiki for a bit (but I still love you all... Maybe). If you look to the next column you will be able to see the wikis which I am currently working on. This will be updated often.

Current Wikis


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