Aiman20041 Aiman20041 1 January 2019

Temporary hiatus from editing

So I just noticed that I wam inactive in this wiki for quite some time.

Well whaddya know!

Problem is I'm now going through all the games (except pp cuz f-*advertiser friendly content*) so I won't edit till I finish them.

Till that day


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Aiman20041 Aiman20041 8 October 2018

I'm back...somewhat

So yeah.. Before anyone asks, I couldn't contribute because I am currently busy making Nep Fangames and also because I am sick. So will I be gone for extended time again? Probably. It doesn't help that I'm a student so....

Anyways, please continue making pages and make this wiki the go-to wiki for neptunia fans. I am looking forward to it.

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Aiman20041 Aiman20041 25 September 2018

Asking for support for a new Neptunia fangame

So anyone who visits r/gamindustri will know that 2 new Nptunia fangames are being made, the youngest being BattleDimension Neptunia: Conquest. It's still in it's early stages, and thus our team needs as much help as possible. So if anyone could spare a buck, please donate to our Patreon and SubscribeStar!

Patreon Link:

SubscribeStar Link:

Thanks to anyone who supports us!

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Aiman20041 Aiman20041 23 September 2018

Neptune and Plutia

This post is for saying this: Why is Neptune and Plutia having wrong references?

For the final time, I will say this, Neptune represents SEGA Neptune Plutia represents SEGA Pluto

Here are the articles on them:

Also, for clarification, the modifications on other pages are internally official.

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Aiman20041 Aiman20041 15 September 2018

CN4GO and lack of info

Hi guys!

I noticed that pages are not being made about Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online and it's locations. Even tho I'm trying my best to add these missing pages, please do help me put more info in these. Also, why is Wishuel not recognized as a page?

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