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I don't expect you to get it, but I'm gonna fight this giant, one-on-one! If you wanna leave, then just go, but I'm staying right here!
— Uzume

Uzume Tennouboshi, also known as Orange Heart, is a Console Patron Unit (CPU) in Megadimension Neptunia VII. A dreamer girl who fights alone in a spirited way in order to save the Zero Dimension. She appears to be a tomboy in her human form, but in her Goddess form, she is much girlier. She represents the Sega Dreamcast.


Uzume Tennouboshi[]


Uzume has fair skin and curved orange eyes. Her long carnelian-red hair is worn in low pigtails held by a small braided segment of hair, and she has several thick locks sticking up, the left slightly pinned back with two black triangle clips. Her pointed forelocks are shoulder-length. She wears a black tube top and orange underwear, paired with an opened white shirt that has grey detail and a clasp around the navel to match her grey pleat shorts, which are held by black suspender straps. She also wears a large orange tie with black and white detail, one black sleeve and a shorter orange and black striped sleeve to match her single sock, and matching colored gloves and shoes. Her leg-warmers are covered in large, colorful pins, and on her left wrist is a device.


Uzume is the type of girl who is obsessed with being cool so that she comes off as reliable. Uzume is exceptionally loyal and honest to her friends, and more noticeably to her people willing to go as far as to die for them. She refers to herself with the masculine pronoun "Ore" (俺). Very rarely will you see her relax unless she is around friends. However, Umio explains that this is a very strong willed facade made to help cope with her position as Zero Dimension's sole remaining CPU, with her real self on display when she enters her "Daydream" mode and as Orange Heart, that cutesy girl who wants everything to be okay. In this state, she speaks in third-person and her speech patterns become much more immature. She seems to be embarrassed with her original personality, and will deny speaking that way when called out on it. She is a rare case of her human personality changing while her HDD Personality retains her original personality. She gives nicknames to all her friends by adding "-sy" ("-cchi" in Japanese) to the end of their name, sometimes shortening their actual name in the process (I.E. - Neptune becomes Nepsy, while Nepgear is called Gearsy).

Orange Heart[]


As Orange Heart, her hair grows in length and turns light orange, now worn in pigtails on top of her head held by large loops of hair. Her bangs lessen and thin out, appearing neatly brushed. Her eyes turn blue. She wears a white one-piece with orange bottoms and silver and black accents. At the middle of the chest is a section of blue fabric. She also gains white opera gloves with squared bracelets and armor, puffy boots with an orange platform sole, and a brim hat with pieces reminiscent of animal ears.


Orange Heart's personality, while dramatically different than Uzume's, is actually Uzume's original personality retained in her HDD form. She has a cutesy, somewhat adorable personality full of innocence and love for her people. While Uzume hides this cutesy demeanor to come off as cool, the limiters come off when its Orange Heart, that being said she is no less serious about doing her job than Uzume is and will do whatever it takes to save Zero Dimension.



Megadimension Neptunia VII[]

Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU

In the town, Uzume was fighting monsters until she saw Neptune. Uzume clashes with Neptune immediately when the two meet due her assumption that she is a minion of Dark Purple, her arch nemesis. Nepgear breaks up the scuffle and Dark Purple shows up. Uzume is eager to start the fight with it, as she both needs to help her monster friends escape and fulfill her duty as a CPU. However, the Planeptune sisters convince her that they should retreat to heal up their wounds first.

Uzume brings the sisters to her base. The sisters are impressed by her base and she is happy that they like it. She then quickly briefs them on the situation. Humans have been wiped out thanks to the Dark CPUs. Now harmless monsters take their place and they are under attack by the Dark CPUs and the monster horde that accompanies them. The girls are to fight the monster horde to buy time for the monsters to escape. Uzume does have a plan to deal with Dark Purple but it is not ready yet.

The girls head back into the cities to fight the monster horde. During which, Uzume gives Neptune her nickname of "Nepsy" and Nepgear of "Gearsy". Eventually Uzume's strong rival monster shows up so she uses a share crystal to transform and take on the monster. With the assistance of the Planeptune sisters, the monsters was forced to flee. With that, Uzume's partner reports that the evacuation of the monsters was a success. Uzume also learns that Neptune and Nepgear are CPUs.

Suddenly, Dark Purple attacks further injuring Uzume and Neptune. Uzume decides to stand her ground and try to take down Dark Purple at any costs. The Planeptune sisters would not have any of that and dragged Uzume away.

The girls return to base where Uzume learns of Planeptune which makes her feel uneasy. Meanwhile the sisters learn that Uzume has no recollection of the world before the Dark CPUs attacked. Additionally the girls think they are in another continent so Uzume resolves it to make her job to return the sisters. Nepgear accepts asks Uzume to help them destroy Dark Purple in case the Dark CPU attacks them on the way to Planeptune. Uzume agrees but wishes to send back as soon as Dark Purple is defeated.

Afterwards the girls have a shower and rest for the night.

The next day, Uzume's partner, Umio reports that they may have found a share crystal. He continues his investigation while Uzume decides to go patrolling. The Planeptune sisters follow along with the patrol. Eventually Uzume gets a distress call from her partner.

The girls rush to a nearby town to look for Umio but are unable to find him. Uzume's personality then shifts into a carefree one where she daydreams about one of her monster friends coming in to aid them in finding Umio. Her shift shocks the sisters and she tries to play it off. Shortly after, a Baby Bug appears and offers to take the girls to where Umio was. In their quest to find Umio, Uzume joins Neptune in teasing the Baby Bug. In Nepgear's further investigation on the history of the world, Uzume calls for her not to fall behind. When the girls run to a whole bunch of Dogoos and Baby Bugs, they point the girls to Umio who lured the monsters away.

They find the monsters and defeat them and Uzume introduces her Umio, a talking fish that lives on land to the Planeptune sisters. She goes back to her carefree personality gushing over how cute Umio is. Umio reminds her of the situation and thanks the girls for saving him. That is cut short by the arrival of Uzume's rival monster showing up. The girls finish off the monster and return to base with Umio's acquired share crystal.

In the base, Nepgear prepares a meal for the group that consists of fish to which Umio rejects as it is essentially cannibalism to him. Umio tries to get Uzume to try shiitake mushroom which she does not like. Uzume is almost suckered in to trying frog legs thanks to Neptune's teasing but Nepgear scolds her sister for being rude. After the meal, Uzume falls asleep as she is tired from the day's adventure.

The next day, Neptune started complaining about the lack pudding. Uzume actually wonders what pudding is like and starts to have a daydream about it. The two then set off to find some ingredients. Conveniently monsters started to set up shop and they are able to get the ingredients. After they get the ingredients, Uzume assists Nepgear in making the pudding. Neptune and Umio invite some of their monster allies over to have a pudding party.

After the party, Uzume and Umio explain their plan to stop Dark Purple. The Dark CPU is weak to share energy however, due to its size an attack at one point is useless against it. They plan to surround it with share energy and destroy which obviously needs a lot of share crystals to accomplish. Luckily, they found a confirmed location with a lot of share crystals.

The scenery near that location is quite scenic. Umio says that is only the case thanks to the share crystals. But as Uzume uses those share crystals, scenes like this will disappear. Umio thanks that the world has yet to accept her as a CPU. Uzume says she will fight on regardless. Neptune lightens the mood by saying that the place is perfect for a picnic.

A Dogoo named "Goobs" leads his group of dogoos to help the group search for the share crystal. His group finds it first and reports to Uzume. Nepgear then comments that it is great that Uzume can transform. Uzume wants Neptune and Nepgear to transform as well and wonders if they can grind share crystals into powder and add them into pudding. Umio nudges her by asking she would want all three of them to transform side by side. Uzume does and starts to have a daydream about it. Eventually they find it and Uzume thinks she has enough to defeat Dark Purple.

Unluckily for her, Arfoire summons up Dark Purple and destroy Uzume's share crystal before she can use it. Arfoire then introduces herself and orders Dark Purple to attack them. Uzume starts to lose hope and tries to lure the Dark CPU away but Neptune refuses to allow her to do that as they are friends. With the display of courage, Neptune shows, the dogoos give their faith to the girls. The Planeptune sisters are able to use this faith as share energy to transform. Seeing the girl transform jogs a bit of Uzume's memory. Uzume then joins in and seals Dark Purple in a sharing field. The CPUs are able then to destroy Dark Purple.

Uzume is absolutely ecstatic giving a loud victory roar. With that, the group returns to their base happy.

Neptune decides to ask Uzume about her future. She replies that she will hunt down Arfoire. Neptune then asks her what will happen that. Uzume starts to understand her question of whether she wants to return to Planeptune with her. Uzume refuses as she wants to restore Zero Dimension to its former glory. She wants to create a nation that can rival Planeptune. She finds it that is better to dream big and achieve it rather than settling for what they have. Neptune understands and wishes her good luck with her wishes.

A few days have passed and with Uzume and Neptune unmotivated. Umio asks Nepgear to follow him somewhere. With nothing else better to do, Uzume and Neptune tag along. They find a transport facility in good condition.

Nepgear starts analyzing the facility with her N-Gear. It is only useful for inter-city travel not inter-dimensional. Her N-Gear then rings and it is Histoire. The Planeptune sisters introduce Histoire to Uzume and Umio. Uzume’s memory is jogged and Histoire notes that Uzume reminds her of an acquaintance. Histoire then thanks Umio and Uzume for helping the sisters and apologizes for any trouble they caused. Umio says it is fine.

Umio and Histoire start having a good conversation with Uzume and Neptune noting that it feels like parents talking. Umio mentions that Uzume is her daughter. Neptune and Uzume take it rather seriously but Umio says it is a metaphor.

Regardless, Histoire says the sisters can return home with the use of the terminal, N-Gear, and lots of share energy. She tries to bring them back home but fails. Nepgear discovers that the transport terminal is busted. Nepgear says she will call her back when the terminal works again.

After hours of repairs, the terminal still has two major problems. A major component needs to be replaced and they lack power. The group decides to look around in the city for a replacement.

After some searching around, Uzume comes across a sleeping Nepgear. Apparently she was trying understand the history of Zero Dimension. Uzume takes a look at her data and gets confused.

Uzume notices Nepgear is sad. Neptune knows that giving a world-ending robot to dissect would make her happy. Uzume wants to give her plushies instead and gets to her daydream personality about it. They settle for bringing her to the arcade instead.

The arcade is busted and Uzume asks Umio if there is anything better. He says there isn’t and that is the best in the city. Fried Shrimp arrives to lead the group to another arcade in another town.

However, the arcade is infested with ferocious monsters. A Hell’s Crest requests their assistance and in return will show them the best games in the arcade. After defeating the monsters, Uzume gains some shares and some of her memory returns.

The girls then enjoy the games and Nepgear feels a lot better. A security machine then attacks the girls. They defeat it and after Nepgear dissects finds the part they need for terminal. With that, the sisters are closer to returning to Planeptune.

Nepgear contacts Histoire as the terminal is repaired. Neptune expresses her desire to stay due to not wanting to have Histoire lecture her. Histoire suggests that Neptune can stay and Nepgear can go back home and take her place as CPU. Neptune apologizes. Uzume then offers a share crystal to act as the power supply for the terminal as thanks for everything. Uzume explains that she does need those things anymore since she can gain share energy from monsters.

Nepgear actually wants to stay to help Uzume so that once everything is done, Uzume can return to Planeptune with the sisters. Uzume refuses and tries to explain her reasons. However, Arfoire launches an attack at the facility. Neptune expresses her annoyance at Arfoire and jokes about her enraging the villain.

Arfoire unleashes her monster horde at them. The monsters start to overwhelm the girls and Uzume orders the girls back. She intends to send them back to the Hyper Dimension. Uzume promises that once the girls, are gone, she will run away. However, Arfoire quickly reaches the transport room launches an attack at Uzume, Nepgear leaves the terminal to defend her.

The terminal has been destroyed and Uzume is furious with Nepgear. She intends to scold her but the two must cut their way through the monsters. Out in the open, Uzume gives Nepgear a piece of her mind. Nepgear explains herself and Uzume feels horrible about being unable to repay her debt. Uzume wonders if they should try to fight their way back to terminal. Umio says that they should move on and try to figure out an alternative method to go home. Additionally they can get rid of Arfoire in return and Uzume agrees to that alternative. First they need to retreat to their main base.

Nepgear wonders what their main base is, so Uzume explains that her base was only used to fight Dark Purple. They actually have a main base. Umio leads them into a cave infested with monsters but it is a shortcut and not on the map, so Arfoire cannot track them down. In the cave Nepgear notices her N-Gear not working. Uzume suggests hitting it, but Nepgear is shocked with the idea. Instead, she wonders if she can just upgrade Uzume's Visual Radio and use that as a replacement. She asks Uzume to think about what she wants for her upgraded Visual Radio. The group continues on in the cave.

They reach a dead end so Umio suggests taking another path. However, Arfoire ambushes them blocking the way. The girls ready themselves for a fight. They gain the upper hand against Arfoire so she transforms to a beast like form. Uzume does not want to fight such and ugly beast but was joking. Whether she does or not did not matter as the form proves too much for the girls.

Nepgear then hears a familiar voice. She thinks it comes from her sister and older Neptune crashes in. She introduces herself as a dimension traveling bug catcher. She was trying to catch a skyfish before she crashed down. She declares herself an ally of cute girls and finds Uzume's Visual Radio accessory neat. Uzume loves Neptune`s taste. She continues her small talk with Nepgear and Umio much to Arfoire's annoyance. Neptune then heals up the party to fight Arfoire.

The girls come out victorious. Uzume wishes to beat up Arfoire further but Arfoire tries to defend herself saying she is already defeated and the law should defend her. Uzume says she is the law as CPU so Neptune rushes to defend Arfoire. Uzume tells Neptune to get out of her way. Neptune clarifies she can't hurt Arfoire as she needs her for her bug collection. Neptune seals the oversized Arfoire in her book. Neptune is invited to join the party and they head off into the main base.

After a meal, Uzume learns that this Neptune is from another dimension. Since she can travel dimensions, Uzume is glad that Nepgear has found an alternate method to return home. However, Neptune says they need to find Crostie first as she was the one with the power to travel dimensions.

The girls then decide to take a barrel bath and Nepgear finally learns of Uzume's reason of staying in the Zero Dimension. She loves the idea of starting from scratch and building a great nation from it. Nepgear then understands her wishes. After the bath, Nepgear upgrades Uzume's Visual Radio so it doesn't look any different but gains a lot of new functions. The girls then rest for the night.

The next day Uzume prepares a nice breakfast of eggplants that Nepgear picked up and fish that she fished up. Nepgear compliments her on her culinary skills. However Neptune learns that she hates eggplants. The group is unable to convince Neptune to try it.

Next the group begins Arfoire's interrogation session. They demand she tell them what her purpose is. Arfoire happily explains that her goal is to defeat the CPUs then destroy the world. The group is unable to find out more beyond that.

Next, Nepgear notices a terminal and asks to use Uzume's Visual Radio to contact Histoire. Uzume starts to daydream about how Neptune likely misses her. Nepgear snaps Uzume back to normal and the two use the terminal. They reach Neptune and she updates them on the fact that Histoire has short circuited but is fine and rebooting herself. They update her on the fact, that there is another Neptune from an alternative dimension and that Nepgear has an alternate means home. Neptune is happy to hear this but IF calls her away. Neptune hangs up and Uzume is happy that Neptune is in high spirits.

Afterwards, the older Neptune asks, what is for lunch. Uzume and the others reply that is the same as breakfast. They ask if Neptune can try eggplants. Neptune refuses and runs off. Later Uzume checks the ingredients for lunch. She discovers there is shiitake mushrooms. Uzume then hears a voice. The voice tells her that wasting food is bad. However, if she gives the food to Arfoire, it is ok. Uzume likes the voice's suggestion. She takes the mushrooms and puts them by Neptune's Nep Note for Arfoire.

Afterwards Arfoire breaks out. She thanks Uzume and the others for giving her food. Uzume gets angry at being tricked and wants to have a go at her. However, Arfoire decides to flee. The group then agrees that they should not force each other to eat foods they do not like. Nepgear wonders if the three can try to get used to their hated foods. They say no. Uzume apologizes to Nepgear as they must chase Arfoire down. Nepgear agrees with her choice as they need to protect the inhabitants of the main camp. With the help of a stick Neptune found. They begin to track Arfoire down.

On their way to Arfoire, Nepgear finds a terminal. It contains more of the world's history. Nepgear shows it to Umio who suggests that it seems the world's destruction was caused by someone who could not control their power then driven insane by it. They wonder if that is Arfoire. Uzume shows up as she was listening in and says she will defeat Arfoire.

As the party continues, Nepgear and Uzume detect share energy. The two are happy are follow it to find Arfoire. The group detects that it is a trap. Uzume then learns that Crostie is no ally. Crostie, better known as Croire is the one who found the share crystal anyways. Arfoire transforms into her True Deity of Sin form. Nepgear then explains to the party that previously, they fought the Deity of Sin's first form. This is her final and strongest form. Their chances of winning are low.

Regardless, the girls get ready for a fight and manage to defeat Arfoire. She asks Croire for power from the other dimension. Nepgear realizes that this power is Rei Ryghts' power. She asks Uzume and Neptune to prevent Arfoire from taking such a power. However the two are unable to make it past Arfoire's barrier. Arfoire powers up and Dark Purple is reborn.

Uzume asks Umio if they have enough share crystals to fight the reborn Dark CPU. They do not as they used most of them in transferring Neptune back. Uzume tries to take the share crystal Arfoire lured them with only to be mortally wounded. The group retreats as Arfoire orders Dark Purple to blow up the area with no regard for her own life.

Uzume wakes up in the main base after being treated by Nepgear to the fact that Arfoire has fused with Dark Purple and is a day away from reaching the base. She tries to get up but her wounds still hurt. Nepgear tells her to rest so she can assist in the fight to repel her in a day. Uzume agrees and asks Neptune for a favor, but asks Neptune to keep a secret.

Uzume decides she needs some excercise after healing up for a day. She decides to take a bath and she finds Nepgear. Uzume then thanks Nepgear but Nepgear says Umio, Neptune and even Croire helped out. Uzume says she will thank them all later. Uzume is incredibly grateful for everything that has happened so far and was only able to make so far thanks to Nepgear, Neptune and everyone else.

Sometime later or before the bath, Uzume drinks a barrel full of Nep Bull VII to quickly recover behind Nepgear's back. The next day the girls gather as Umio and the monsters have evacuated. The girls get back to business, Nepgear lays out the plan. There is a monster horde that accompanies the fused Arfoire. Nepgear and Neptune are to lure the monsters away from Arfoire. Uzume is then supposed to use her sharing field on Arfoire.

They enact the plan, but it does not work. Nepgear runs up to Uzume to ask what is wrong. Arfoire has nullified the shares. Umio then arrives with the monsters and a large amount of share crystals. They hope that the amount of share energy can overpower Arfoire's nullification. It still is not enough. Neptune and Histoire from the Hyper Dimension then lend Planeptune's shares over. Nepgear is able to resonate Planeptune's shares with Uzume and create the sharing field. Neptune then arrives from the Hyper Dimension and the four girls engage the fused Arfoire in one final fight.

They come out victorious and Arfoire's Dark Purple body collapses. Uzume is about the deactivate the sharing field but the smaller Neptune tells her not to as they cannot return home. Croire quickly leaves followed by the older Neptune. Nepgear and Neptune then leave with the Zero Dimension saved. The sharing field is finally deactivated and Uzume is left unable to move. Umio notes that it is amazing that even with all the shares everyone gave, Uzume still had to give it her all. Uzume then notes she has her work cut out for her as she must create a nation that can rival Planeptune. She did promise them that of course.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend

Uzume spots Gearsy and greets her. She finds herself at the end of gun pointed to her by Nepgear's friend. She demands her sister. A pair of twins do the same. Uzume asks Gearsy to clear up the misunderstanding but she finds Nepgear silent. Her friend tells her not to play dumb and says she knows about how Uzume supposedly used Dark CPUs to capture them. Uzume gets serious and demands more information on the Dark CPU. Before the situation can escalate further, Gearsy decides to break it up.

Uzume invites Gearsy's group over to clear up the misunderstanding. Uzume learns that it is likely that there is a fake that knows a lot about her and that the Nepsy and the other CPUs are kidnapped. In addition, Arfoire has survived and for some reason, big Nepsy is working with her. Uzume also tells them that there have been sightings of the Dark CPU heading northeast. Umio arrives to confirm this. The two explain that the Dark CPU heading northeast is strange as that is the end of the Zero Dimension. Uzume and Umio join Nepgear's rescue mission.

The rescue mission heads northeast. During which, Uni, Nepgear's friend apologizes to Uzume. Uzume tells it is okay as she knew it will all for Gearsy. Uni is surprised that she knew and notes that Nepgear being like that is troublesome for her. Uzume decides to call Gearsy's friend Unisy which surprises her. Uzume banned Unisy from addressing her formally and explains that this is how the two can bond quicker. Unisy is happy with the arrangement and continues.

One of the twins, Rom gets hungry. Gearsy has prepared some onigiri which contains shiitake mushroom that Rom hates. Gearsy attempts to pressure Rom into trying the onigiri as being able to eat the foods you hate is cool. It would allow Rom to be as cool as Uzume. Ram, the other twin agrees and wants Uzume to try the onigiri as an example. Uzume has no choice and tries it. She is happy to find that she can't taste the shiitake. Gearsy says that she has learned how to prepare shiitake in a way people who dislike shiitake can enjoy it. Uzume is happy that she was able to conquer her hated food.

The group continues up and Uzume feels an earthquake about to occur. She tells the rescue mission to hold onto something. After the earthquake passes, Uzume checks the dimensional co-ordinates of the Zero Dimension, which she reports has changed. Gearsy tells her that cannot happen but then checks Hyper Dimension's current co-ordinates, Zero Dimension's previous co-ordinates and current co-ordinates. She tells Uzume that the dimensions are getting closer together. Uzume asks Gearsy what will happen when they meet.

Gearsy does not answer and asks her about her amnesia. Uzume tells her that it is getting better. She was able to remember herself selling games in a cart. She really wishes she can remember the name of her nation. The fake arrives and tells her that it is Planeptune. Uzume tells her fake that can't be right as that is Gearsy's nation. Her fake tells her if you trace the history back, that they would be its ruler. The fake tells her that she just needs to remember. She also adds that when two dimensions collide, they will merge and the result will be like the Zero Dimension. Uzume tells her she will never let that happen. Big Nepsy and the fake continue their retreat.

The rescue mission enters a dungeon which the twins find very pretty. C-Sha tells the twins to stay focused and looks to Uzume for affirmation which she gives. The rescue mission are able to corner the two. Big Nepsy complains about their persistance. Uzume tells the two that she is like a dog who clamp down and not let go. Fake Uzume releases a monster and flees using the portal created big Nepsy's Nep-Note.

The rescue mission defeats the monster and finds the portal still open. Uzume and the rescue mission is eager to pursue her fake even to her base. They enter the portal and find themselves in a dimension with lots of empty space. They are able to find a city which they decide to use as a base. Uzume, Gearsy, Unisy and Umio decide to scout ahead while the rest of the mission rests.

Uzume says it feels like the time they were in the Zero Dimension. Unisy asks for elaboration so Gearsy explains, that they were searching for share crystals and a way home but it was a good memory. Umio's dorsal fin is acting up and he senses something foul. Gearsy is shocked by Umio's change so Uzume explains that this occurred right after the Planeptune sisters left. Umio explains that fish are the forefront of evolution so this is his evolution.

The girls follow Umio's lead to find Arfoire attacking big Nepsy. Arfoire brags about how big Nepsy thought she could outsmart Uzume but now she is going to die. Arfoire closes in on the kill but Uzume, Gearsy and Unisy transform and prevent her. The three CPUs kill Arfoire who asks Uzume to save her. Neptune breathes a sigh of relief before collapsing The girls and Umio take Neptune back to base.

They decide to awaken her with a potion S-Sha made. It works but big Nepsy complains about the after its taste. She then wonders if Nepgear and her mission are going to torture her and do things to her that can be shown in a family-friendly game. They tell her know and want to know her story. Neptune confirms that she did try to sabotage the other Uzume, who actually is named Uzume. She decides to call the other Uzume, Kurome Ankokuboshi to avoid confusion.

She explains when they first met, finding the Swirl Console and getting transported by it which led to her meeting Gearsy, Uzume and Umio. She then reveals that she knows where the CPUs are and the Heart Dimension is actually someone's soul turned into a dimension. Uzume asks her to lead them there and apologizes for asking her so soon. Neptune agrees and the mission is off.

Older Neptune gives the mission more details, firstly the CPUs are asleep and trapped inside Dark CPUs which are in the center of the Heart Dimension. The Heart Dimension can materialize dreams. Since the CPUs are asleep, their dreams can materialize. In addition, Kurome can mess with the dreams.

Older Neptune believes Kurome's goal is to get the CPUs to fall into delusion like the Gold Third. C-Sha gets angry at Kurome using the Gold Third. Uni does not believe that the CPUs would not fall for nightmares. K-Sha warns her that Kurome does not need to give them nightmares but pleasant dreams that target someone's deepest desire. Kurome is incredibly deceptive.

Uzume gets the chance to observe Neptune's peaceful and happy dream. Uzume says that even if it is false, the peace suits Neptune wonders if she herself was like that before losing her memory.

The CPU rescue mission makes to the dungeon. Uzume prepares to meet her fake. The mission finally makes it to the inner part of the dungeon to find each of the CPUs trapped inside the Dark CPUs. Kurome Ankokuboshi and Croire arrives. Kurome notes that if she had known older Neptune would have lead them here, she would have killed her earlier. Uzume demands Kurome release the CPUs, B-Sha wants her to tell them why was the Gold Third toyed with and K-Sha just wants to beat her up. Kurome says the purpose of messing with the Gold Third was entertainment because if they fell into delusion, then the world would be chaotic.

Kurome says that it is time to kill the mission. Uzume asks her how she intends to do that as she has Share Energy. Kurome instead asks Uzume to become one with her as they were originally one person. Uzume gets confused so Kurome decides to return all her memories to Uzume. Uzume gets flashback of people calling her a demon, lying about liking her and treating her harshly. Uzume struggles to cope with the new memories, so older Neptune and Umio try to help her up.

Kurome says it will take time to process everything so she decides to explain everything. Firstly, CPUs are essentially born from people's wishes. However, for Uzume, her people grew to hate her, they sealed her away then forgot about her. Uzume vowed revenge and just like that, her source of power shifted from Share Energy to Negative Energy generated by negative emotions. Using her delusion power coupled with negative emotions of her people, Uzume deleted all trace of herself from her people.

In turn, the people needed a new CPU, Uranus. Kurome announces that she is a CPU of Planeptune, Uzume Tennouboshi and demands they all kneel to her, increasing the gravity of the place forcing the mission to kneel. Kurome then explains that both the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension are born from her dream of herself destroying Gamindustri, with the Zero Dimension serving only as an entrance to the Heart Dimension.

This is possible because her power to turn dreams into reality. This is why Planeptune hated her. Kurome tells the mission that she wanted to break out of the seal, but she could not. However, if her dream created dimensions, she break out of their dimensional boundaries instead of the seal. As she began to attempt this method, a part of Uzume split off from her and tried to stop the Dark CPUs trying to break the boundaries.

But that was good for her, as once Uzume battled the Dark CPU and started to gain Share Energy, she did as well. With the Share Energy, Kurome can observe the Hyper Dimension and appear as a sort of hologram but that was enough. Kurome decided to send Arfoire out to gain even more Share Energy. Kurome then came up with the idea to fuse the dimensions instead breaking out of the boundaries or seal. Uzume, Nepgear and Umio are in shock to learn that their adventures in the Zero Dimension only helped Kurome out.

Kurome says that the Gold Third are also to thank. The Golden Summits, that were created give a rare signal in multidimensional space. Their existence was thanks to the CPU Shift Period lowering the faith in the goddess, good enough for her to write the CPUs out of existence. Gamindustri, however needed protectors and created the Golden Summits.

The fused dimensions will allow Kurome to physically materialize the Dark CPUs. Kurome notes that with her Negative Energy, Uzume's Share Energy, Croire's power that came from another CPU, she can rule Gamindustri forever. She asks Uzume to become one with her again. Uzume refuses and says that if she was a predecessor, she would watch over the current CPUs not do what she has done.

Kurome says it is a shame and will kill her along with the rest of the mission. Uzume says that she is outnumbered. Kurome creates clones of Arfoire and explains that this is her dream, creating things from her memory is easy. She admits that this gave her quite a bit of trouble in the past but serves as a perfect pawn. The candidates transform ready to fight to rescue their sisters.

Kurome tells them not to get too excited as the CPUs just fell into delusion and she allows them to awaken. The CPUs announce their intentions to torture their sisters and friends then transform. The candidates pull back and transform back. Older Neptune wants to escape but Nepgear notes that the CPUs are somewhere in there and she won't let it end like this. She tells older Neptune that her sister did hesitate.

Uzume and the candidates agree with Nepgear. The rescue mission begins their battle to return the CPUs to their senses.

After the battle, Uzume wonders why the CPUs aren't back yet. They should not be wanting to hurt their sisters or anything else they love. Neptune regains her senses and apologizes to her sister for all the horrible things she has done and says she was not herself. Nepgear forgives and Kurome is in shock that they were able to drag the CPUs out of the whirlpool of delusion. She forces more Negative Energy to the CPUs.

The CPUs try their best to resist but are in pain. Kurome tells Uzume that she cannot win. Neptune pleads for Uzume's help. Uzume tells the CPUs they must be able to save themselves or else they can't be CPUs. Nevertheless, she admits they are a hassle and if they need help, she asks everyone to pray that to her that the CPUs can return to their senses. Kurome asks her if she is trying to create a Share Crystal and Uzume says that she is. Kurome says it is impossible but Uzume tells her not underestimate her illusion power.

Uzume with the faith of the everyone creates the crystal and transforms the CPUs to their Next Form. Uzume says that this was not planned but she will take it. Kurome wonders what are those forms? Croire can't believe that they can neutralize all the Negative Energy. Uzume tells her they did not neutralize it but got rid of all of it.

Kurome tells them not to get carried away and unleashes Dark Green at the party. Uzume activates her Sharing Field with the Share Crystal. The party destroy Dark Green but find Kurome smiling. Kurome says that she will win and asks them to check the dimensional co-ordinates. Nepgear checks and notices the dimension much closer to the Hyper Dimension but she says it has only been a short time.

Kurome explains it is because they are in the Heart Dimension, she can bring the Heart Dimension closer to the Hyper Dimension with no resistance. She notes that the dimension are close enough for her to materialize, at least for a short time. Croire creates a portal as the two begin to leave to the Hyper Dimension. Kurome leaves a bunch of clones of the CPUs for them to fight. She says she created them to influence their dreams but does not need them anymore. The party can dispose of them in however they wish. The two leaves.

Neptune tells Nepgear, the candidates and Gold Third to follow Kurome as the CPUs will deal with the fakes. The candidates and Gold Third take their leave after Uzume hands them a Share Crystal in case Kurome has anymore Dark CPUs. IF and Compa stay behind to help the CPUs. They state that the CPUs need help since they got captured so easily. Neptune then thank Uzume once again and the two begin to catch up. Older Neptune interrupts the two and says they must deal with the fakes.

Heart Dimension route

The fakes have a parody of the CPU's personality, which causes the CPUs to transform back. The girls manage to defeat the fakes and Neptune notes that fakes are never a match for the real. Uzume feels sad hearing that and Noire nudges Neptune. Neptune quickly apologizes to Uzume and Uzume forgives her and understands. Croire returns to congratulate the CPUs and group for defeating some many fakes. Croire asks them what are they planning to do after knowing everything.

They plan to defeat Kurome. Croire reminds them that if they do then the Heart Dimension and Zero Dimension disappear getting rid of Uzume, Umio and all of Zero Dimension's inhabitants. Older Neptune is not happy with the two choices and Croire asks her if she was paying attention. Their choices boil down to letting Kurome do as she pleases which will screw over the Hyper Dimension or stopping her with the consequences that Croire previous talked about.

Umio wonders why must the world being so cruel to Uzume. Croire says it is just Uzume's punishment as she nearly destroyed the Hyper Dimension. Umio wants to know more so Croire reminds him of the strange reports that Nepgear found in the Zero Dimension. Since they were slow on the uptake, Croire decided to repair the data but they never figured it out that the perpetrator was Uzume herself.

Uzume runs away after hearing this. In the depths of Tangram Road, Uzume hates the fact that she nearly destroyed the Hyper Dimension in the past, earned the world's hatred, must stop herself which will destroy the Zero Dimension she is supposed to protect. All Uzume ever wanted was to grant people's dreams and live in peace. Uzume does not want to think and just die. She begs for someone to save her, she wants Umio. Umio shows up and says that he will follow her anywhere to see her dreams come true and be there with her when it happens. That has been his only wish. He says that Uzume has fallen into a nightmare and they should try to wake from it together.

Uzume calms down and Umio says Uzume is likely the conscience of her sealed self. It split off because the sealed self was infected with delusion and hatred. Umio also says that the group has checked the reports that Nepgear has found. Although there is recorded fact of people hating Uzume, more of it is the concerns of the people for Uzume. Uzume says she was unaware of that fact. Umio says that memories are fleeting and ambiguous. The passage of time can change one's interpretation of memories and it is important not to look at memories with disdain.

Uzume starts to remember the past. Histoire announces that she will be working with a grassroots youth in a publicity campaign. The youth is eager and happy to work with Uzume. The youth asks a few kids ahead to address Uzume politely if she passes by with a cart. The kids do so. A middle aged man wants to live in Planeptune but the youth cannot grant his wish. Another man says that is just how it works. The youth tells Uzume that they should work together to build a wonderful nation.

Another man comments on the recent events of Uzume losing control of her illusion power. The grassroots youth wonders if there is anything they can do to help Uzume. Some youths comment on the failed assassination attempts. They think the nation will collapse if Uzume keeps ruling. The youth expresses his relief that Uzume is still alive. An old woman wonders why the world is so cruel to Uzume as she earnestly tried her best. A young sobbingly asks her grandmother if there is anything to save Uzume.

An assassin finds Uzume and makes his attempt. The youth gets in the way and gets fatally wounded. He tells Uzume that he is glad she is okay that she should not cry. The youth says his wish is to see that Uzume's dreams come true and be there with her when it happens. Afterwards Histoire accepts Uzume's request to be sealed. She promises that she will find a way to seal her illusion power so she can comeback and that they will only part for a short time.

Uzume is glad to have remembered all her memories. Neptune interrupts this moment. Umio wonders what is going on as the mood was very good. Neptune and the others voice their opposition against Uzume's supposed romance with the grassroots youth who is clearly Umio before he was born as a fish. Uzume asks them how they were able to see her flashback.

Compa says that they were with Umio the whole time. Uzume asks if they heard her cry. Compa says they did and offers her a handkerchief. Older Neptune says the flashback was projected right behind her. Neptune admits that the Heart Dimension plot point was confusing but it can be entertaining sometimes. Noire says they are now even as Uzume has seen the CPUs' dreams. Uzume asks them to kill her out of embarrassment.

Umio asks Uzume if she is calm. Uzume assures him that she is but not she cannot choose between the Hyper Dimension or the Heart Dimension as she grew to like both of them. Neptune says she has discovered the third option. Neptune says if Negative Energy made the other Uzume evil, who she decides to call Kurome Ankokuboshi to avoid confusion then they could purify her with Share Energy like what they did with Affimojas.

While the other CPUs think the idea makes sense, they are concerned with the difference in scale between the Negative Energy held by Affimojas and Kurome. Kurome has absorbed Negative Energy for decades. Neptune says it is the only way to save both dimensions. Umio asks Uzume for her opinion. She wants to try the plan and will back away from a tough gamble.

Since Uzume is okay with Vert says the CPUs are okay with it. However, Vert asks how can they do it. Older Neptune says that since they can do it because it is the Heart Dimension. Blanc wonders what Older Neptune means. She clarifies that the Heart Dimension is literally Uzume's heart. As a result, if they purify this world, they purify Uzume. With the plan set, the party is off to purify the Heart Dimension.

Uzume and the party enters DreamPass Area. Within the dungeon, Uzume asks Umio if he really is the grassroots youth in her memories. Umio apologizes as he only has memories of his current life with Uzume. Uzume says it does not matter as long as he is with her.

In the depths of this dungeon, they find a giant shattered Share Crystal floating in the distance. Uzume asks what is it. Older Neptune explains to her that it is the crystallization of the Share Energy sealed with Uzume's body when she was sealed. Croire arrives to add that it is the reason that there are share crystals in the Zero Dimension. Older Neptune is surprised to see her old friend. Croire greets older Neptune. Umio accepts the explanation as the reason for the party find Share Crystal in so many places. Blanc adds that the crystal is likely the reason why Uzume is still alive despite the world forgetting about her. Uzume considers how it can be used and is plotting something.

Older Neptune tells Croire to stop helping Kurome or else both dimensions will be destroyed. Croire admits that Kurome is a slave driver but she already recorded lots of beginnings and ends of countless worlds. Older Neptune tells her she knows but recording is one thing but helping its destruction is another. Older Neptune cannot allow Croire to be free if this keeps up. Croire asks her if it is instead about her wanting to use her dimension hopping abilities. Older Neptune is shocked that she knows and tries to play that off as untrue. Croire says that she is too obvious and she asks if Neptune was also intentionally sabotaging AffimaX. Older Neptune tries an obvious attempt to feign ignorance. Croire concludes that she has simply been playing the role of the clown the whole time.

Noire says Croire took long enough to figure it out. Neptune may be happy go lucky and spouts nonsensical meta-jokes but she has always been. Neptune cuts her with a scream. Noire and Croire are shocked. Croire tells her to stop yelling as she was not talking to her. Neptune goes on a huge rant about how she is the protagonist but her role has not been important. Umio says Neptune might be falling into a delusion. Uzume says she is not confident in her ability to free Neptune if she falls this time.

Croire wonders what is wrong with the party but she says they will not get in her way in recording history. Croire summons Dark White. Uzume says Dark White is no match for them due to her Sharing Field. Vert agrees but notices that Dark White has a smaller chest than Dark Green. Blanc is in shock. Vert says she understands that the Dark CPUs have copied their power but she did not think they would copy their figure as well.

Older Neptune says that Dark White does have some bust and volume. Neptune says that if Dark White fully copied Blanc's figure then Dark White would be too stick-like. Neptune also purposes that perhaps Kurome felt sorry for Dark White and decides to give her something. Blanc snaps and says she will not be made a fool of by anyone even Kurome. She says she is just angered by the sight of Dark White and demands Uzume to activate Sharing Field.

Uzume transforms and notes that Blanc is scary. Blanc asks her what she was saying. Uzume says she was saying nothing activates her shaving field. Compa says Uzume is fumbling her words but IF notes that this is normal for someone not used to Blanc. The party makes short work of Dark White. Blanc laughs as Dark White is dead and says that it serves her right. Croire can't believe the Dark CPUs were so easily beaten. Older Neptune sneaks up to Croire and captures her in her Nep-Note then announces Croire's defeat.

With no obstacles in the way, Neptune thinks it is time to attempt to purify the world. Neptune asks the CPUs for all their shares and everyone to pray. Neptune attempts the purification. Nothing seems to have happened. Neptune says that there was a reaction but the Share Energy was all neutralized. Uzume loses a bit of her motivation. Neptune thinks they should meet up with Nepgear and revise their plan.

Joining Up
The CPU Candidates and Gold Third rejoin the party in the Heart Dimension base. Nepgear explains that they first lost the console but thanks to everyone's help they got it back. In addition, they were concerned with the Dark CPU but the Share Crystal sorted that out for them. Uzume is happy that she gave them the crystal then. Nepgear wonders how were things with them as they came here because they followed Kurome but she escaped.

Uzume's group wonders what she means by follow. Ram says that they though Kurome would use Croire but she ran and eventually they lost sight of her. Noire asks how they can run from the Hyper Dimension all the way here. Uni explains that Kurome broke the rubble that Neptune created and ran here. Older Neptune says it must have been because they captured Croire.

K-Sha wonders what the CPUs were up to while they were all away. Noire explains that after defeating the clones, Uzume got confused but Umio was able to help her clear her head. Nepgear wants more details on Uzume's confusion. Noire explains that the hatred Kurome took tainted her memories making them seem worse than the actual events. Uzume and the world never actually hated each other. Nepgear is relieved to hear that. Uzume says the credit goes to Nepgear. Nepgear wonders what she means. Umio explains that the reports Nepgear found contained the true history prior to Uzume being sealed. Umio offers his gratitude to Nepgear as well.

An earthquake occurs and Neptune wonders what is happening. Croire says Kurome has finally done it. She has taken in the power of the CPU from another dimension. A fraction of this power can move dimensions with ease but it will likely consume Kurome as Croire told her she should only use after she has revived. Umio thinks she is trying to speed up the fusion of dimensions. Croire remarks as they are all here, she can finally record some interesting history.

Neptune wants to find Kurome immediately. Noire wonders what they can do if they find her as they cannot just defeat her. Blanc says persuasion is not an option as she is the embodiment of hate. Uzume says she has a plan and they must find her. The party searches for Kurome.

The party manages to find Kurome Ankokuboshi in a dungeon. Uzume greets her. Kurome asks what they plan to do, they kill her, both of them and this world disappears. If they let her go, the dimensions will fuse and she will become the Hyper Dimension. Uzume asks her if she has taken in the power of the CPU from another dimension and if the power amazing.

Kurome confirms that it is awesome and the fusion has sped up. It will only be a little longer and the party is stuck. Uzume reveals her plan which is to beat Kurome up and take the power of the CPU from another dimension. S-Sha assumes that if they have the power, they can stop the dimensions from fusing. Uzume confirms S-Sha's assumption.

Uzume declares that today is the day she defeats herself that is drowning in hatred. Kurome declares that she will defeat herself and all the others in the way. Kurome wanted to have them all alive to experience the eternal hell she was going put Gamindustri through but they are becoming a major interference in her plans. Kurome summons all the Dark CPUs to fuse with them to become Dark Orange. Dark Orange says that the form is perfect for taking revenge on Gamindustri. The CPUs are in awe of Dark Orange's power. Uzume asks the CPUs why they are getting nervous as this should be expected.

Dark Orange calls the party useless as they are unable to fight with Sharing Field. No Sharing Field can contain her. Uzume says she has an ace card and points the giant Share Crystal in the Heart Dimension. Dark Orange warns her that using the crystal is like using their "lifeline". They will both die. Uzume says she is not suicidal and will use the crystal until there is a little bit of shares left then turn it off. That way, Dark Orange will weaken too.

Dark Orange is angry but calls it useless. Uzume tells Dark Orange she held back too long and it does not help that she no longer has any allies. Uzume calls this her last HDD and transforms to Orange Heart to activate the Sharing Field. The party manages to defeat Dark Orange.

Dark Orange says that she cannot die yet until her revenge on Gamindustri is complete. Uzume tells Dark Orange that she will never get her revenge. Kurome performs one last act of vengeance and takes the power of the CPU from another dimension down with her. Uzume damns the situation.

To make matters worse, a massive monster horde is coming by land, sea and air and are heading towards the Hyper Dimension. Croire explains that she must have given the order to the monsters to destroy the Hyper Dimension just as she died and remarks that she truly went down gun blazin'. The party is unable to fight the horde due to their lack of manpower and supplies. There is also no time to return to the Hyper Dimension to prepare a proper defense.

Uzume has one final plan and asks Nepgear to destroy the giant Share Crystal then the party must head back to the Hyper Dimension. Nepgear is shocked to hear this. Uzume says this is the only way and only Nepgear can do it. Nepgear wonders why must it be her. Uzume explains that her weapon has the range and she was the one that saw Uzume's adventures from the beginning to end. Nepgear can't and breaks down crying.

Neptune says it is too much for her sister and transforms. Neptune offers to help her shoot and they will carry Uzume's dreams and life. The sisters shoot and destroy the crystal. Nepgear apologizes and Neptune is glad to have met Uzume even if there was not much time. The party flees to the Hyper Dimension. Umio says everyone has left. Uzume requests one last thing from her friend, she has asked all the monsters of the Zero Dimension to assemble at their head base. She wants Umio to bring them to the Hyper Dimension.

Umio asks if she means to do everything alone. Uzume apologizes for being unable to keep their promise but Umio is the only one who can lead the monsters to safety. Umio agrees to the request. Uzume thanks Umio for sticking with her for so long and thanks the Planeptune sisters for the fun but short time they had together. Kurome's voice reappears to expression anger at Uzume's decision to end them both. Uzume tells her to be quiet and she must confront the horde in order to buy time. Kurome says that she will die but Uzume says that she is happy and all her dreams were fulfilled.

Ascension Ending
Uzume was able to buy the time needed for the party to return to the Hyper Dimension. In addition Umio was able to save the monsters of the Zero Dimension. Uzume watches over the Planeptune sisters. She offers Neptune advice on how to yell. The Planeptune sister promise to make Planeptune a wonderful nation that would remember her.

Revival Ending
Uzume is tired and admits that she is not living up to the attitude she gave Kurome about defending everyone. She wonders if it is a lack of Share Energy but she pushes on. She needs to buy enough time for everyone to escape. She fights the monsters but feels her legs failing. She says it is just like before fighting alone. She will fight until all her bone and flesh are torn. Neptune arrives to remind her not to activate her death flags. Neptune tells her older self to take care of Uzume and asks her sisters to help her out in holding off the horde.

Older Neptune agrees and tells Uzume that she will be fine. She should lean on her. Uzume asks Neptune why to which Neptune answers that she wants a happy ending and she will trip all the flags to do it. Older Neptune tells Croire to warp them all back but she cannot as she has no energy since the Nep-Note constantly sucks away her energy. Older Neptune begins to freak out. Affimojas then arrives with his ship to help the girls out. Affimojas tells them to hurry as their main ship is in the Zero Dimension.

Uzume, Neptune, Nepgear, older Neptune, Steamax, Affimojas have made it to Affimojas' main ship stationed in the Zero Dimension. Umio is glad to see Uzume. Uzume is embarrassed at the fact that she is here despite what she said to Umio earlier. Umio does not care and he is happy to just see Uzume safe and sound. Uzume asks about the monsters in the Zero Dimension.

Umio explains that the evacuation of the monsters was easy as they all somehow heard Uzume's voice in their head so they all gathered up. Uzume asks where are they now? Umio said he did try to get through the gate to the Hyper Dimension but that took too long so he put them in this ship instead. Uzume is happy to hear that and collapses.

Eventually Uzume wakes up to find monsters rampaging around the ship. She decides to meet up with Neptune and the others who are fighting the monsters. Uzume asks what is going on with the noise and wonders if she could help. Neptune tells her that she almost died and that they will handle the rest. Uzume responds that the injuries are nothing and that she can spit on it to heal it. Besides all the Zero Dimension's monsters are on the ship. She needs to help out. Uzume joins the party.

At the end of the ship, Nepgear reports that most of the monsters have been defeated. Uzume remarks that they saved the best monster for last. The monster roars. Nepgear wonders how that monster could have snuck in. Uzume says it is the perfect warm up. The party defeats the monster and Nepgear reports that all monsters have been defeated. Older Neptune notes that all that is left is to evade the pursuer monsters and make it to the Hyper Dimension. Uzume notices Kurome Ankokuboshi in the distance. She wonders why she is still here. Nepgear asks what is wrong. Did Uzume forget some monsters in the Zero Dimension. Uzume tells them the bad news.

Both Neptunes do not believe as they saw her disappear earlier. Uzume assures them that she saw her and runs off. Uzume eventually runs into Uni and the others that came from the Hyper Dimension. Uni asks where she is going. Uzume wonders why she is here. Uni heard from Steamax that Kurome is not gone yet. The group wishes to make sure that she is defeated and joins the party.

The party has made it to the general location of Kurome Ankokuboshi. Nepgear asks Uzume if she is sure she saw Kurome around here. Uzume is sure. B-Sha says no one is here. K-Sha admits it is faint but she feels a presence that is not a monster. Noire asks where it is coming from. K-Sha says it is just up ahead. There is no mistaking it and it is Kurome. Uzume encourages the party to get going.

Neptune asks Uzume to wait and do her special thing for good luck. Uzume wonders what she is talking about. Neptune is talking about her daydream scenes. Uzume does want to because they are embarrassing. In addition, it is not like she can consciously activate her daydream powers and Neptune should know that. Umio tells her to just try it. Uzume reminds the two that it is impossible. Umio clarifies that he does not need the daydream's power but as a good luck charm or a prayer. Uzume still thinks it is too embarrassing.

Nepgear thinks it is cool for people to pray even if it is embarrassing. Uzume is interested in being cool. Uni agrees that it is cool. Ram wants to see Uzume cool and asks her sister if she thinks the same. Rom agrees with her sister. E-Sha even wants to see Uzume's cool side. Uzume agrees to doing her daydream scene. Ram cheers her on.

Uzume daydreams that they will beat the other Uzume and get their happy ending. Both Dimensions will be saved as Neptune wanted. Uzume will be saved as well. Uzume can no longer keep up her daydream persona as it is embarrassing. Nepgear disagrees as she thinks it is cool. Neptune is ready to go as they have the prayer to beat Kurome.

Up ahead, they find Kurome. Kurome welcomes Uzume. Uzume calls Kurome a tenacious bastard for being alive. Kurome admits she was beaten and did disappear but negative emotions revived her. They could have killed Uzume or destroyed the main seal. The sealed body of Uzume is unique as it constantly gathers negative emotions from the world. No matter how many times her soul is purified or that Kurome is killed, Uzume will be stained in darkness and Kurome can revive. Umio is disheartened by this. Kurome thinks being prone to assumptions and daydreams backfired for the party.

Uzume tells Kurome that she is the one with assumptions. The giant Share Crystal is destroyed so the sealed away Uzume is dead. Umio is in shock. Uzume concludes that the two of them are ghosts. Neptune thinks Uzume is lying as she still has share crystals and that must keep her alive. Uzume explains that all the share crystals in her possession were used to defeat Dark Orange earlier. She is here is because she is separate from her real self and therefore she won't die the same time her sealed self dies. Even if they give Uzume Share Energy, her real body will never revive. Uzume apologizes for keeping this from Neptune and the others. Older Neptune can only say Uzume's name in response to this revelation.

Uzume says that is it and invites Kurome to hell with her. Kurome cannot accept that and transforms into Dark Orange. Uzume had planned to go alone into the grave but that plan is all in shambles. She says it is time for her final HDD and Sharing Field. Older Neptune asks if she means to use her life. Uzume says it is the only way to get enough Share Energy. If it can beat Dark Orange then it is worth it. Neptune can't accept this as she came back for to experience the happy ending together with Uzume.

Uzume cheers Neptune up by telling her she is getting the happy ending. Uzume tells Neptune that Neptune is a CPU of Planeptune and she must protect Gamindustri like a CPU of this current generation should. When Neptune and the others came in to save her, she said they were all idiots. However, she actually felt really happy. That being said, Uzume admits that she is a CPU of the past and should not get in the way of the present and future. Even in her current state, with her regained memories she is still a CPU. Uzume wants to have the chance to protect Gamindustri.

Nepgear and Neptune accept that and transform. Uzume wants the image they are about to see be seared into their hearts. Uzume declares this is the absolute existence of the CPU of Planeptune, the one who holds the name, Uzume Tennouboshi. Uzume transforms into Orange Heart. Orange Heart asks that all eyes be on her as this is her last time she activates the Sharing Field. Purple Heart says she will let the image of Uzume's existence burn into her spirit. Orange Heart tells Kurome that even if she is just remains and she is evil, she should not worry as Uzume will accompany her to the grave.

Dark Orange does not accept that and still clings to her desire for revenge on Gamindustri. The party fights Dark Orange and kills her. Uzume declares that with this she has disappeared and shortly following is the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension. Neptune says that her predecessor's existence has been seared into her eyes. Nepgear says she will never forget her. Umio apologizes for not being able to save her. Uzume does not mind and enjoys the fact that she will never be forgotten by some people. That is much more than what she can ask for. Uzume admits she is reluctant to go but her time is almost up. She asks older Neptune to warp everyone to safety. Older Neptune agrees and accepts that this time will be the last time they say good bye.

Before they leave, Uzume wants Nepgear to take something. Nepgear says this is Uzume's Visual Radio. Uzume remembers that Nepgear wanted it. It would be better for her to have it instead of it disappearing forever. Nepgear accepts it noting that she will always remember her when she sees it. Nepgear promises to keep it safe forever. Older Neptune warps the party away. Uzume entrusts the future of Gamindustri into the party. Uzume dies but the party attempts to revive her.

Uzume never thought that they would still try to revive her. She notes that Neptune would never give up would she. Kurome says that she will be the one to revive. Uzume also wants to revive but asks that since she has died, she should feel Share Energy now. Kurome says the Share Energy does not matter, even if she no longer benefits from Negative Energy, she still hates the world. As long as there is hate, she will exist and since Uzume is not a fully realized person, her chances of winning the revival are zero.

Uzume declares that she will change that zero. The two duel for the revival. Uzume notes that hatred is a strong motivator. She then hears Umio's voice telling her that she can accept the hatred as well. Uzume understand and goes on to win the duel. She revives and announces that she accepts her existence. She apologizes for keeping everyone waiting. Neptune, Nepgear and Umio are glad to see Uzume. Older Neptune was worried as she thought Kurome had revived when she first heard her voice.

Histoire announces that the revival was successful. Her appearance and speech pattern have changed but Histoire says it feels nostalgic. Uzume is grateful that she is here thanks to everyone's wishes. She thanks them and is glad to be back home in Gamindustri.

A few months have passed and Uzume, older Neptune and Umio have travelled around Gamindustri to see how much it has changed in decades. Uzume left the Basilicom saying that she is restarting from zero. The group decides to return the Basilicom.

Older Neptune announces that they are back. Nepgear is pleased to hear this. Uzume trips and falls on older Neptune. Older Neptune reports that the warp has messed up. Uzume says that this has hurt her ass. Umio wonders if Uzume is okay. Older Neptune thinks that this is weird as she thought she set the co-ordinates properly. She blames this on Croire. Croire says that this is her fault for keeping her in the book. If she does not like it, she should release her. Older Neptune says if she acts like this, she is less inclined to release her. She threatens Croire with pinning her down with needles. Uzume adds that she has lost count of how many times Croire has messed up the warp. Umio offers some needles he found from puffer fish. Croire does not want this and says she and her wings are delicate.

Nepgear tries to get their attention. Uzume realizes this and says it has been a while. Neptune sees that Uzume is healthy and wonders how is Gamindustri. Uzume thinks the people are nice and the food is great. In addition, she met an old man who was a boy that called her lame during her PR campaign with Umio way back. He bought a console from her nonetheless and managed to remember her even through the rewrite. Nepgear is happy this hear this. Uzume wants to tell them more about her adventures but Umio tells her she is forgetting something. Uzume apologizes and announces that she is home.

Sub Events

CPU Cooking Skills
In Uzume's base, Uzume would like to eat something good. Neptune says as thanks for taking care of her and Nepgear, the two of them will cook something good for her. Uzume is happy with their offer. Nepgear asks if she wants something in particular. Uzume wants some protein for the fight with Dark Purple so she wants some meat. Neptune declares that the two of them will whip up the best meat dishes they can think of.

After some time, Neptune and Nepgear return. Nepgear gives her Salisbury steak. Uzume notes that she has heard of how delicious they were but this is her first trying them. She tries it and finds it great. Nepgear is glad she likes it. Neptune shows her a special Nep-Nep style katsu bowl. Uzume thinks this is the katsu bowl of her dreams. She tries it and finds it a great blend of egg and katsu flavors. She had no idea Neptune was a genius in the kitchen.

Neptune tells Uzume she is making her blush. It was worth have Nepgear teach her how to make this even if there was quite a bit of trial and error in all this. Uzume admits how its seasonings could use some minor tweaks but it's still delicious. Uzume feels she can take on Dark Purple tomorrow if she ate this tomorrow and asks Neptune to recreate the dish.

Neptune admits they have a problem with her request. Uzume wonders what's wrong. Nepgear admits they used up all her supplies to make the two dishes, everything else has ended up as black soot. It was a miracle that the two of those came out edible. Uzume is speechless.

Umio's Evolution
In a Zero Dimension town, Neptune comments on how Umio looks like he will grow legs as he matured to become a frog but asks Uzume what is he in reality. Uzume does not understand her question but Umio is a fish. He would never grow legs. Neptune agrees with Uzume, it would be ridiculous for Umio to do that.

Umio arrives with legs surprising the two of them. Uzume asks him what is wrong with his body. Neptune finds the legs creepy. Umio tells Neptune she is being rude as his legs are beautiful. Umio walks away singing happily. The two of them can't stand his legs.

Heart Dimension Shopping Conditions
Nepgear, Uni and Uzume are able to find a shop in the Heart Dimension but there is nothing in the shop. Uni reports that there are no people here so the facilities must all be destroyed. Nepgear gets a call from her N-Gear. It is Histoire. She is glad to be able to contact them. Nepgear notices that she does have one bar. She wonders if everything is alright and if there has been any trouble. Nepgear tells her that they can't use any of the facilities here.

Histoire understands and tells them if they order anything online from Amazoo.nep, she will send the items from Planeptune's Basilicom to the Heart Dimension. Nepgear adds that Amazoo.nep is fast and safe. Uzume does not get it but tries it out herself. She sees a Swirlycast Gun and guesses that this does work. Histoire adds that the charge will be automatically withdrawn. Uzume is impressed with the tech and wants to order more stuff. Nepgear tells her not to or they will run out of money. Uni is happy to be able to shop at places that have a connection so they don't have to worry about supplies.

Babysitting Fish
Uzume arrives in Rom and Ram's room to see that the twins and B-Sha are flying around in a robot, while Financier and Blanc are trying to stop them. She is glad everyone is full of energy. Umio says Uzume is similar. Umio notices that Blanc and Financier are having trouble so Umio decides to lend them a hand in calming the kids down. Uzume did not know Umio had hands.

Umio is easily able to get the kids to quiet down with the promise of reading them their favorite picture books. As Umio is reading the book, Uzume falls asleep. Later, Uzume wakes up and wonders if Blanc is done her work. Blanc is and asks Uzume if she can hire Umio as her babysitter. Uzume refuses as Umio is her emergency ratios.

Reflecting on This Adventure
In Planeptune's Basilicom, Histoire notes that she and Uzume had no time to speak by themselves so she now takes the time to formally welcome Uzume home. Uzume is glad to be back and notices that Histoire is still using the hat from back then. Histoire admits that she only recently remembered that fact and apologizes. Uzume tells Histoire it is not her fault as she was the one who erased everyone's memory and caused all the problems in the first place.

That being said, Uzume is glad that everyone managed to make it work out in the end. Histoire says it is thanks to her that all the overlapping situations in this world were resolved. They had no way to regulate her power and if Uzume did not decide to seal herself and her memories. Uzume may have perished with Planeptune. Histoire has no reason to blame Uzume for what she did and can only apologize.

Uzume tells her to cheer up as that is all in the past now. Histoire says even if that is the case, she still cannot forgive one thing, forgetting Uzume, her good friend. Uzume is touched. Histoire says it is thanks to Uzume that she can remember her again. Uzume wonders if she did anything. Histoire tells her that she appeared in her dreams which jogged her memories. Uzume notes that strange things can happen.

Neptune pops in as she was overhearing the whole conversation. She comments on how this was a Gamindustri-wide total amnesia episode. This shocks Histoire and Uzume. Histoire asks Neptune not to startle her when they are discussing something so serious. Uzume tells her she was never startled. Uzume tells Neptune to eat pudding somewhere and leave. Neptune tells Uzume she will pretend that Uzume never said that.

Neptune is glad that she took a nap in that park on that day. If she didn't then who knows what would have happened to Uzume. Histoire is going to disregard the fact that Neptune skipped work that day and admit that Neptune's real world luck really saved them this time. Neptune is glad to hear that. Uzume is happy that she was saved because of Neptune and all the others fighting alongside her. She is also grateful for all the Histoire's support as well.

Neptune thinks they all worked hard for this. Histoire agrees and notes that it must have been difficult in this world and the other world but they have all become strong for it. Uzume gets embarrassed for all that praising but she does feel stronger than last time.

Nepgear barges in and calls for Uzume. This startles Histoire and Neptune. Nepgear declares that she has developed a new system and she asks for permission to add it to her Visual Radio. Uzume is shocked by Nepgear's sudden appearance. Nepgear notices that Uzume's pose is showing off the Visual Radio and wonders if Uzume knew she was coming to remodel it.

Uzume says that is not the case and they were all talking about something nice. Nepgear tells her the features that she can add are very nice. Nepgear goes off on a tangent about the new features. Uzume decides to let Nepgear do whatever she wants with it. Nepgear is glad and tells her to look forward to it. Neptune is upset because Nepgear is supposed to be working on the Umio Virtual Pet game.

Uzume cannot believe that they are developing that without her and demands to be involved in that the project. Neptune, Nepgear and Uzume are off to work on the Umio Virtual Pet game. Histoire thinks it is out of her hands, this nation's CPUs.

Cheekama's Feelings
Uzume has finished off clearing some monsters. Cheekama is relieved as she started sweating when the monster horde rushed at them. Uzume is glad that Cheekama is safe. Cheekama wonders where everyone else is. Uzume also notices that they have separated from everyone else. Cheekama calls for Million Arthur. There is no response.

Uzume hopes that they are not all defeated somewhere. She decides to give Umio a call but the reception is bad so Uzume does not have a connection. Cheekama notes that the two of them are both separated from their partners. Uzume adds that they also have no idea where to look for them. Cheekama suggests that they return to where they started fighting. She is sure that Million Arthur would have returned there herself to look for them.

Uzume feels that Cheekama knows a lot about Million Arthur. Cheekama says it is not knowing but only a feeling. Uzume says that is expected between partners. Cheekama says that the two of them have been together for a long time but Million Arthur has caused her lots of trouble because of it. Uzume finds Million Arthur reliable and wonders what trouble could she cause. Cheekama says a lot of comes from the moment Million Arthur spots a cute girl. Cheekama says that she is the kind to freely sacrifice herself for others. She notes that just now, Million Arthur was drawing away the enemy at the vanguard and taking magic attacks to protect the rearguard. Cheekama thinks she talks big about stand above the Arthurs but if Million Arthur wants to save people, she should save herself first.

Uzume thinks Cheekama's feelings for Arthur run deep. Cheekama get embarrassed denies that she really cares about her. She urges Uzume to not talk and head back to their original location. Cheekama won't forgive her if she is defeated. Uzume agrees but notes that Cheekama is not honest with her feelings.

God Eater's Weekend
God Eater announces that she is home. Uzume welcomes her back. She invites God Eater out to eat. Neptune wants to demonstrate all the good local food Planeptune has to offer, as a CPU. God Eater is excited to come along. Even if Gamindustri comes to an end, she will still come.

Neptune wonders where God Eater was as she was gone all morning. God Eater admits that she was on a date. Neptune is shocked that God Eater was on a date wondering if the word can even be used in this series. Uzume does not care about any date, she is hungry and thinks they should be going. God Eater agrees.

Nepgear announces that they are here. She introduces them to Planeptune's most popular chili dog restaurant which is also a jazz club, Blue Hedgehog. Neptune adds that the place is a hobby for the owner so it's only open weekend afternoons. The taste is great though. Nepgear has booked the restaurant for the group so they can eat all they want and have lots of fun. Neptune asks that they try their signature chili dog. Uzume thanks Neptune and God Eater thinks it looks so delicious. She eats it and loves it. The taste is fresh and while it is simply seasoned, the taste is of a high quality. Uzume loves them as well praising its sauce for being just spicy enough. God Eater asks if she can have more.

Neptune assures she can, as it is all on her today so they can eat as much as they want. Uzume takes another chili dog. God Eater challenges Uzume to an eating competition. Uzume accepts and tells her to prepare to lose. Uzume ate five chili dogs and taps out. God Eater thinks she is not a worthy adversary. She thinks for a dish like this, the challenge starts at 50. Uzume cannot believe that. Neptune worriedly asks what number of chili dog is she on. God Eater says it is her 60th but she can probably double that number before they leave.

Abaddon pops out and wants to eat. God Eater decides to order 20 more chili dogs. Neptune begins to worry a lot. God Eater can't stop and wants to try 5 more rounds of everything. They were able to eat 7 and a half rounds. Afterwards God Eater admits that she is still hungry. Abaddon burps. God Eaters thinks it was way too good. She could not help but eat this much. She tells them that Abaddon says it was really tasty.

God Eater is training. Uzume comments that someone is working hard this morning. God Eater greets Uzume. Uzume is surprised anyone is up so early. She wonders if God Eater always does this. God Eater is always like this as she wants to establish herself so she must train. She wants to be stronger to be like that one person.

Uzume wonders who that person is. God Eater says it is her chief. She describes her chief as someone who does not talk much, but is powerful and cool. The chief taught God Eater how to use the God Arc and act like a professional. Uzume wonders what God Eater means by acting like a professional. God Eater explains that the chief told her to never run away from living and gave her 3 rules for battle. First, don't die, second if you are about to die, run away, third, hide and if you are lucky, kill them when they are not looking.

Uzume thinks that was 4 rules. God Eater does not care and explains that the rules were learned by the chief from his chief when he was starting out. If one keeps to the rules, they are golden and one can figure out the rest when it comes up. Uzume thinks that is pretty cool. God Eater agrees then notices the time. Uzume asks if she has plans and wonders if it is a date. God Eater tries to explain but Uzume tells her she is not trying to make fun of her. Uzume tells God Eater to go and be careful. God Eater agrees and leaves.

Uzume wonders if for dates, girls take crazy equipment and weapons with them.

"God Eater"
God Eater is missing which concerns Noire. She asks everyone to help her look. Uzume assists in the search but found nothing.






Processor Units[]




EX Finish[]

EXE Drive[]

Other Appearances[]


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth Trilogy[]

Uzume is a playable DLC character in the Re;Birth trilogy[2] and as a scout in the Scout Pack DLC for Stella's ☆ Dungeon in Re;Birth3.

Neptunia re★Verse[]

Uzume is a playable character from the start as part of the game's Arrange Mode.

MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies[]

Uzume is a transfer high school student starring as the International Police officer, who later turns out to be the Hero's missing older sister.

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls[]

Uzume appears as the CPU of the Dreamcast Era.

Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online[]

Uzume is a beta tester who has chosen the Fighter class.

Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters[]

Although not appearing, she is mentioned by Neptune in a chirper.

Anime & Books[]

Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation: Hello New World[]

Uzume makes an appearance in the Dengeki Magazine 10th Anniversary Oneshot chapter. As Neptune is about to present her special guests of her slumber party, Uzume is seen laying dead with Plutia, Peashy and Histoire. Later on, Nepgear reveals that she "killed" the goddesses and Candidates, only for them to tell Neptune that this was a prank to scare her.

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation[]

Uzume is shown at the end of Little Purple Sunshine.

Drama CDs[]

Megami to Tsuitachi Sugosu CD[]

Non-Neptunia Appearances[]

Million Arthur[]

Uzume is part of the Megadimension Neptunia VII and Megadimension Neptunia VIIR collaboration events alongside other characters in the Neptunia franchise.[3][4]

Trillion: God of Destruction[]

Uzume and the other CPUs appear in a DLC event, where she and the other CPUs get accidentally sent to their world.[5]

Phantasy Star Online 2[]

Uzume's costume along with her weapon were made available as part of a collaboration.[6]

Musical Themes[]

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Name Game Description Audio
More Soul! Contenu Megadimension Neptunia VII The opening song for the Zero Dimension Neptunia Z arc. Sung by Uzume.
Mousou Katharsis The opening song for the Heart Dimension Neptunia H arc. Orange Heart sings this with Neptune.
Dynamic Capacity MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies Uzume's theme which plays whenever she transforms.



Uzume's first name refers to the Japanese goddess of dawn, mirth and revelry, Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto (天鈿女命). Her tough attitude may be a reference to the Kogo Shui (古語拾遺)'s interpretation of "Uzume" (鈿女) as "Woman of Strength". Uzume's last name, Tennouboshi (天王星, lit. Heaven King Star), the Japanese name for the planet Uranus, is a reference to Sega Uranus; a possibly unused Sega console codename.

Orange Heart's name is inspired by the orange swirl on the Sega Dreamcast.

  • "Uzu" is Japanese for "whirlpool" or "swirl", referencing the Dreamcast symbol.



  • Uzume's partner Umio is the personification of the virtual pet game Seaman, which was originally released on the console that Uzume personifies, the Sega Dreamcast.
  • It is strongly implied that before Uzume was sealed away, Umio had romantic feelings for her but her feelings for him were unknown.
  • One of Uzume's main themes is about positive dreams and good dreaming, which is a reference to the console she represents.
  • In one of the side events, it is revealed that Uzume does not like shiitake mushrooms.
  • Like her fellow CPUs of Planeptune, Neptune and Plutia, Uzume's character changes drastically after transforming. However, unlike her two colleagues, Uzume becomes softer and playful, while Neptune and Plutia become tougher and more mature.
  • Uzume is the only CPU whose voice becomes higher rather than deeper after transforming, though this was originally the case for Noire in the first two main games and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2.
  • Uzume's SeHa Girls counterpart is Dreamcast.
  • In MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies, Uzume and Iris Heart are the only cast members to play as secondary characters, while the rest play either various minor characters or a primary character.
  • When using one of her SP Skills, Dream Combo, or her EXE Drive, Special Dream Combo, Uzume says "ORAORAORA!", which is believed to be a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. However, "ORAORA" is commonly used in Japanese media to show tough, manly-ish characters putting in effert into their punches.
  • It is stated by Umio that Uzume can unconsciously cause phenomena to occur based on her feelings and desires while daydreaming. This may be a reference to the character Haruhi Suzumiya from the series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • One of Uzume's attacks bears a lot of similarities to the "Giga Drill Break" from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Spirals are also mentioned frequently by Uzume, alluding to Spiral Power from the same series, and Uzume's subconscious abilities tend to make impossible things happen, much like Spiral Power does in the Gurren Lagann series proper.
  • Uzume is among the oldest beings in the series, older than the current Hyper Dimension goddesses by two generations. Currently, the only beings older than her are: Blanc, Rei Ryghts, Croire, Histoire, and the Deity of Sin.
  • Curiously, aside from Rei Ryghts, Uzume Tennouboshi is the only CPU to have a last name. This suggests that last names may be common for CPUs in the distant past.
  • Uzume is currently the only CPU who has died but later comes back to life.
  • Orange Heart's design may have been influenced by the design of Ulala from Space Channel 5, which released first on Dreamcast.
  • In the Characters section of the official Japanese website for Neptunia re★Verse, Uzume had three arms in her artwork due to a mistake. This was immediately fixed shortly after the website's launch.


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