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She m-m-must be an angel, chump! Oh Compa, you must be my guardian angel!
— Warechu

Warechu, previously known as Pirachu, is a mouse "monster" who belongs to ASIC. Technically, he's Underling's equal, but since he's more clever than she is, he can shirk out the more troublesome duties. When he was severely injured, Compa treated his wounds. Ever since, he has been Compa's biggest fan.



He has the appearance of a dark grey mouse. He has red eyes and two white whiskers on each cheek. The coloring from his shoulder to his hands are black. He has small maroon wings on his back, though he is never seen applying them in any way of flight. On his chest is a red and yellow broken heart design. He has a thin, black tail that has something similar to a big, black, broken heart in the end. The coloring from his knees to his feet is light red with two stripes on each side. He holds a disc in one of his hands.


Devoted to the ASIC, Warechu is committed into furthering the ASIC's plans. He would battle those who stand in his way, though he would be quick to retreat if he ever loses. He regards his job in the ASIC above all, even swaying off his feelings for Compa just for the sake of staying committed to his job. He develops a crush for Compa after she heals his wounds in their first encounter. Despite seeing Compa as an enemy, he still holds affection towards her.

He has the tendency to say "chu" when he communicates towards others as well as calling people "Chump."


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Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Warechu is named Pirachu in the English translation.

Pirachu first appears in Chapter 2: The Crossroads of Defeat in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. He is found severely injured on the ground by Compa and is treated by her. Due to this event he immediately falls in love with her only to have his heartbroken when she says she hates her enemies after he reveals being part of ASIC. 

Pirachu, along with Linda, is the direct cause for the majority of problems that hinder Nepgear and her party as they try to rescue the Console Patron Units (CPUs) and save Gamindustri. While Warechu is sometimes seen alone, he is mostly together with Linda, causing trouble for the party in some way or form such as when they damaged the ship to prevent Nepgear and the others from going to Leanbox and even kidnapping and holding Chika hostage while Linda pretended to be her.

Towards the end of the game, he decides to follow Linda to the end in her attempt to redeem herself one final time against Nepgear and her party. When they are defeated, he stays with Linda regardless of what may or may not happen when the CPUs face off against Arfoire. In the True Ending, Warechu is seen distributing Arfoire chips with Linda, even though they don't work. When caught by Nisa and Gust, the two make a run for it.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION

Warechu's role is largely the same as Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, with his name properly translated as "Warechu" in the English version.

In the true ending route, after he and Underling are caught trying to sell off old Arfoire merchandise, they are accosted by Red and Broccoli. They manage to escape while Red is bribing Broccoli to help her "claim" Underling as a new wife.

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri

Since leaving ASIC, Warechu has been making a living by selling bootleg copies of games, and recently joined Secret Organization AffimaX. One day, he steals all of the merchandise from Chuko's Super Rare Second-Hand Shop and then tries to sell it at another shop. When asked for his ID, he refuses and runs off.

While escaping, he crashes into Compa. IF, having just heard of his crime, attempts to arrest him, but he escapes by licking IF's hand. While running away, Warechu knocks aside a little kid, knocking him to the ground. Hearing the kid cry, Presto Mask appears and knocks Warechu out with her Presto Kick.

He wakes up to find that Compa took him back to the Planeptune Basilicom to heal him up. After Compa asks him to, he begins to tell IF and Neptune about AffimaX until B-Sha calls Neptune, IF and Compa. To make sure Warechu doesn't run off, the three lock him in a cell in the Basilicom. Unfortunately, Steamax immediately shows up to rescue him.

When Steamax locates the Swirl Console, Arfoire objects after Steamax is chosen to retrieve it instead of her. Warechu offensively explains that it is due to her losing streak and age. After Affimojas dissmisses them all from the bridge, Warechu gossips with Steamax about Arfoire's failures. Steamax then asks Warechu for assistance in stealing the console, to which he agrees.

Warechu gathers a bunch of monsters to attack Haneda City, when Neptune, IF, and Compa show up. Warechu tells them that he can do more than steal things, boasting about his IQ of 250. He believes that he impressed Compa until she admits that she doesn't know how smart that is. IF explains it as dumb for a rat. Warechu retaliates by calling them dumb for falling for a diversion.

The trio defeat him, and he reveals he distracted them to steal the game console. IF suggests that they bury him alive for what he's done. Warechu asks Compa for help, but she refuses, saying she hates him for destroying the city and hurting people just to steal a console. This sends him into a traumatic shock, and he runs away crying.

As Warechu is sulking in an alleyway, Kurome Ankokuboshi arrives and offers to show him a good dream. He senses that she is dangerous, and runs away, eventually finding B-Sha and Chuko. Kurome follows him and, disappointed that Warechu doesn't want to see any of her dreams, turns her attention to Chuko and B-Sha.

Kurome tries to turn Chuko into a monster, but Warechu pushes Chuko aside, getting transformed instead. Warechu then goes on a rampage through Planeptune, ultimately being defeated by Neptune, IF, Compa, and B-Sha.

When Warechu wakes up, Histoire arrives and offers him a delayed sentence in exchange for info on the Delusionary Epidemic. He refuses at first, but changes his mind when Histoire mentions waiving his 10,000,000,000 Credit fine, and enjoying Compa's cooking for every meal.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend

When B-Sha decides to help save the captive CPUs, she begins to worry about Chuko's store. To fill in her empty position, Compa recruits Warechu, who is under the assumption that they are on a date. Despite Warechu being unqualified for the job, Chuko hires him.

Revival Ending Warechu is mentioned by Compa in assisting Gamindustri against the monster horde from the Heart Dimension.

A few months after defeating the horde, Warechu continues his job at Chuko's Super Rare Second-Hand Shop. After slacking off yet again, Warechu gets yelled at by Chuko, telling him to help the customers. He begins to complain about his job, before daydreaming about going on a date with Compa.

Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
Warechu's Theme Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Warechu has his own theme song, which is also is used as Linda's theme. It plays when either one or both of them appear during a cutscene and also during boss battles with them. Warechu's theme was composed by Kenji Kaneko is the twelfth track on the Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 OST.



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