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Warechu, is one of the antagonists in Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation. He is often seen working with Arfoire; mostly doing grunt work. He is a strange rodent-like monster capable of human speech.



He has the appearance of a dark grey mouse. He has red eyes and two white whiskers on each cheek. The coloring from his shoulder to his hands are black. He has small maroon wings on his back, though he is never seen applying them in any way of flight. On his chest is a red and yellow broken heart design. He has a thin, black tail that has something similar to a big, black, broken heart in the end. The coloring from his knees to his feet is light red with two stripes on each side. He holds a disc in one of his hands.


Warechu is more or less a comic relief character, even more so than Arfoire. He has his moments where he seems serious but also has a heavy tendency to swoon (over Compa). He is also shown to be highly sarcastic with mild pessimism.


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