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Weapons are pieces of equipment that are used against a target and deal physical damage. Throughout the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, each playable character has their own types of weapon unique to them. CPUs have their own type of weapon when in HDD mode and the weapon equipped to them while in Human form can influence the appearance of their goddess form weapon.

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Weapon Types


  • Swords: Sword type weapons are the most commonly used weapons among the Hyperdimension Neptunia cast and thus have a variety of sub-categories.
    • Katanas: Used by Neptune and Nitroplus.
    • Broadswords: Used by Neptune.
    • Short Swords: Used by Noire, Kei and S-Sha.
    • Beam Swords: Used by Nepgear.
    • Dual Blades: Used by CyberConnect2 and Adult Neptune.
    • Ninja Swords: Used by MarvelousAQL.
    • Dragon Slayers: Used by Falcom.
    • Gun Sword: Used by God Eater.
  • Spears: Used by Vert and Chika. It is also used by Super Dimension Arfoire.
  • Hammers: Used by Blanc and Hatsumi Sega.
  • Staffs: Used by Rom, Ram, Gust, Mina, and MAGES.
  • Claws: Used by IF.
  • Qatars: Used by IF.
  • Guns
    • Prinny Guns: Used by Nisa.
    • Rifles: Used by Uni.
    • Bazookas: Used by B-Sha.
    • Machine Guns: Used by K-Sha.
  • Gloves: Used by Peashy and Tekken.


  • Syringes: Used by Compa.
  • Spoons: Used by 1st-Gen Compa.
  • Scissors: Used by Cave.
  • Dolls: Used by Plutia.
  • Gema: Used by Broccoli.
  • Tomes: Used by Histoire.
  • Pens: Used by Dengekiko.
  • Megaphones: Used by Uzume.
  • Gauntlets: Used by C-Sha.
  • Paintbrushes: Used by Artisan.
  • Shields: Used by Maho.
  • Cleavers: Used by Higurashi.
  • Batons: Used by Shanghai Alice.


  • Swords: The most commonly used weapon type among the CPUs.
    • Katanas: Used by Purple Heart.
    • Broadswords: Used by Purple Heart.
    • Long Swords: Used by Black Heart.
    • Gun Blades: Used by Purple Sister.
  • Axes: Used by White Heart.
  • Drill Lances: Used by Green Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia and Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2)
  • Spears: Used by Green Heart.
  • Rifles: Used by Black Sister.
  • Staffs: Used by the White Sisters and Rei Ryghts.
  • Claws: Used by Yellow Heart.
  • Megaphones: Used by Orange Heart.
  • Shields: Used by Gray Sister.

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