Wishuel is the adventurer's hub in Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online from where players can view a majority of events, accept quests from the Guild facility, buy equipment or items from various shops or upgrade them in Gion Blacksmith. In town, players and inhabitants (NPCs) will mutter information, and both main events and sub events will occur. Whenever the player leaves a dungeon or the Training Grounds, they will be transported to Wishuel and the game will automatically be saved.

Wishuel was first constructed by the Goddesses as their base of operations in Alsgard. This hub is at least a thousand years old as the Goddesses were able to seal up the Demon King Jester, 1000 years ago. The centerpiece of this city is the Cathedral. To the bottom left is a fountain which is surrounded by shops. On the upper right corner is the Training grounds and a pond. To the bottom right is Gion Blacksmith.

According to events, the pond that supposedly houses a spirit that grants wishes. The wish that the spirit grants seems to be temporary at times, but it is admittedly inconsistent. The same pond or another pond within the city houses water that has accurate water physics. In addition, Wishuel has room for farms.


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