Yurina is the main protagonist of NepNep☆Connect: Chaos Chanpuru.



Yurina has medium apricot hair worn loose with a small, messy ponytail and thick bangs brushed to the right and held by silver and yellow clips. A single lock of hair hangs on the left. Her eyes are indigo. She wears a black bikini top or bra and thong with a white and gold miniskirt and vest over them. With her skirt is a green belt beneath a larger orange and white belt knotted on the corner with a white and gold stylized buckle. She also wears white and gold sleeves with a black wrist cuff and orange ribbon on top, and matching colored boots and stockings, which have a white belted strap on top. On her neck is a black choker and a necklace with an orange gem. She has a tattoo beneath her chest.

In MegaMiracle Force, Yurina's appearance has very slight modifications. Her top is now a black and gold tank-top, and her thong isn't visible anymore as her skirt's length is slightly longer. Her tattoo is now on the top of her left hand.




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