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Yuzusuki was one of the four legendary heroes who had successfully defeated a goddess who had fallen down the path evil. He hails from Planeptune and his Quartet Arm is known as the Trinity Blade.


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The goddess at the time had fallen down the path of evil, an Yuzusuki and his three companions who hailed from the lands of Lastation, Leanbox, and Lowee, all ascended to Celestia via a special path that would allow mere humans to reach the holy land. There, they defeated the goddess and saved the world from impending destruction. They then used their weapons to serve as they keys to the gate protecting the path to the Celestia so that no one could have free access to it, as it would most likely cause trouble.

The hero Yuzusuki was said to have vanished from the pubic eye after defeating the goddess. Yuzusuki died in a cave. There was once a grave, but it got buried due to an earthquake. The only thing that survived the quake was his beloved Trinity Blade.

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  • Yuzusuki is a reference to Yu Suzuki, a Japanese game designer and producer who has spent his entire career with Sega Enterprises. Often referred to as Sega's answer to Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, he has been responsible for the creation of many of Sega's most important arcade games, and pioneering 3D games.


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