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The Zero Dimension (零次元, Zero Jigen; alternatively written as ゼロ次元), also known as Platform Zero (プラットフォームゼロ, Purattofōmu Zero), is one of the three dimensions featured in Megadimension Neptunia VII.


The Zero Dimension looks like a corrupted and destroyed version of Gamindustri. It has a violet sky with cracks running throughout the earth and sky. The areas attacked by the Dark CPUs have their matter erased and replaced with floating translucent squares.

The cities are filled with considerably worn down or destroyed buildings, chunks of which have fallen apart and now cover the roads. The roads themselves are a mess too, being cracked and unearthed from the occasional earthquakes.

Despite the destruction found throughout most of the dimension, the areas surrounding Share Crystals are in much nicer condition. Jingu Sakura Park is filled with grass and blooming cherry blossom trees, and even has a river flowing through the middle of the park.


Megadimension Neptunia VII


The intelligent inhabitants of this dimension consist of Uzume Tennouboshi, Umio, Arfoire and monsters such as Baby Bugs and Dogoos. The intelligent monsters are harmless and attacked by more fearsome monsters. As they are monsters, they cannot provide shares to Uzume despite the faith they have in her until a certain event occurs. However share crystals which are strangely only uncommon in this dimension can serve as a replacement.

The technology of this dimension is largely in ruins. However, the early internet does exist as well as broken terminals that were used to transport between cities. Most of the world's history can be found on various terminals around the dimension but key parts are corrupted. The technology of this dimension is less developed than the technology in the Hyper Dimension but there is still lots of old and collectible gadgets for the likes of Nepgear to enjoy.


Pre-Game History

Zero Dimension's creation was the result of Uzume Tennouboshi's dream while being sealed in the Swirl Console. After some time, she fell into the whirlpool of delusion, losing Share Energy as the source of her power and gaining Negative Energy as a substitute, she desired to escape her seal. To do, she attempted to destroy the Zero Dimension to get into the Hyper Dimension. She created the Dark CPUs out of negative energy to destroy the dimension.

By doing so, a part of her split off to defend the Zero Dimension from the Dark CPU. The new Uzume tried to save as many of Zero Dimension's inhabitants from the Dark CPU's attacks. However, whatever the Dark CPU destroys stays permanently destroyed. As a result, the monsters Uzume is trying to defend is running out space to escape to. It seems like a hopeless battle until...

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU
Neptune and Nepgear find themselves in this dimension after turning on the Swirl Console. The two find that they cannot transform but decide to explore the Nameless Ruins.

The two eventually run into Uzume, fighting a horde of ferocious monsters to help some harmless monsters evacuate. When she sees the two sisters, she assumes the two are Dark Purple's followers. After proving to her, that they are simply lost, Dark Purple shows up with a horde of monsters.

Uzume is eager to settle the score with it but the Planeptune sisters convince her to retreat to heal up then challenge it. In the base, Uzume explains that this dimension is ruins as a result of Dark CPUs. There are no humans meaning no shares. There are defenseless monsters that need help and the three of them need to defeat the monster horde following the Dark CPU to help them escape.

After healing in the base, the three first confront the monster horde. Uzume transforms to Orange Heart with the use of Share Crystals. The three manage to buy enough time for the monsters to escape and Uzume learns that the Planeptune sisters are CPUs.

Afterwards, Dark Purple attacks the three girls injuring them. Uzume is eager to fight Dark Purple but considering their current state, the Planeptune sisters drag Uzume away.

Back in the base, Uzume learns that Neptune and Nepgear are from Planeptune, a name that seems to remind Uzume of something. The sisters are surprised to learn that Uzume can simply find Share Crystals randomly as they cannot do that in their home.

The sisters believe that they may be in another continent. The sisters learn that Uzume does not know what the name of the city is. Uzume is determined to send the Planeptune sisters home but the two cannot leave Uzume alone with Dark Purple. They resolve to defeat Dark Purple then figure out a way home for the sisters.

The next day, the three go on patrol and Nepgear begins her collection of data of the history of the Zero Dimension. Afterwards Uzume's partner Umio reports that he found a Share Crystal but is attacked by fierce monsters.

The three rush over to the next to save him but cannot find a lead. Uzume gets into a daydream state hoping a monster ally will show up and guide them to him shocking the Planeptune sisters. A Baby Bug does exactly that. During which, Nepgear is able to gather some more data on the history of the Zero Dimension.

They rescue Umio after defeating some monsters and return to base with new Share Crystals. Arfoire decides to tail the group in secrecy. Umio then suggests to the sisters that they are in a different dimension instead of continent which does not surprise them.

When Uzume falls asleep, Nepgear shares her data with Umio. He reveals that he has no idea what this dimension was like when there was humans. Without this data, he assumed monsters were the inhabitants of this dimension. Umio then explains that Uzume's daydream personality is her original personality. It has been roughened due to her mind relating cool with reliability.

The next day, Neptune begins having pudding withdrawal symptoms. Neptune's desire for pudding causes Uzume to daydream about finding some ingredients for a pudding party. The two run off to look for pudding ingredients but Nepgear does not think they will find any but they manage to find some.

Nepgear and Uzume goes off to prepare the pudding. Umio goes out to learn of another location for a Share Crystal. Neptune invites some monsters over for the pudding party. The group then regroups for the party. Afterwards Umio and Uzume reveal their plan to defeat Dark Purple.

Dark CPUs are weak to Share Energy but they regenerate from any attacks caused by Share Energy. To nullify that, they need surround the Dark CPU in Share Energy then defeat it. This requires a lot of Share Crystals and Umio knows of another location with a significant amount of crystals.

The three head over to Jingu Sakura Park. Umio explains that this is only because of Share Energy from share crystals. If they take it, this will disappear. Since Uzume uses share crystals, places like these will disappear. Umio theorizes that this is the case because the world has not accepted Uzume as its CPU.

A world without a CPU cannot be called Gamindustri. If Uzume falls, then this dimension will cease to exist. He calls this dimension the "Zero Dimension" as it is truly on its last legs. Uzume wants to fight on. Neptune removes the tense moment noting that this place is perfect for a picnic so they should try to preserve some crystals.

The three begin their search for the Share Crystal along with Goobs and his Dogoo Tribe. Eventually the Dogoo Tribe finds the crystal. Goobs reports to Uzume. Nepgear wishes that she can transform. Uzume asks her to use a share crystal but they cannot. Uzume wonders if eating it will help. Neptune is against that. Uzume then suggest making it a powder then putting it in pudding. Neptune is more willing to try that method. Umio wonders if Uzume wants the three of them to line up and transform together.

Uzume does and daydreams about that. The group then follows Goobs to a big Share Crystal. After they find it, Uzume is glad and can't wait to defeat Dark Purple. Arfoire helps her with this by summoning Dark Purple. She also takes the liberty to destroy Uzume's Share Crystal.

Dark Purple begins attack the everyone in the area. Uzume tells everyone to run and she will hold off Dark Purple. Neptune is against that as Uzume is her friend. She stands her ground with Uzume. Nepgear joins her and the two of them begin to feel Share Energy coming from the dogoos moved by their bravery.

Neptune and Nepgear transform into Purple Heart and Purple Sister. Uzume joins them as Orange Heart and she activates her Sharing Field enclosing Arfoire, Dark Purple Umio and the three of them in a subspace filled with Share Energy. Arfoire cannot gather her power and Orange Heart tells her to just watch.

The three of them destroy Dark Purple and Arfoire flees. After returning to base victorious, Umio reveals to Neptune and Nepgear that Uzume's ability to turn her daydreams into reality. Neptune wonders why Dark Purple hasn't been beaten earlier if she had such an ability. Umio explains that this ability only works if she truly wants it. For that, he thanks the sisters.

Later, Neptune finds Uzume on the roof to ask her what her future plans are. Uzume tells her she plans to defeat Arfoire. Neptune means what she plans to do after that. Uzume catches on that Neptune is inviting her to Planeptune and refuses.

Neptune wonders why. Uzume has been prodded by the others to go if she wants to but she cannot bring herself to abandon this dimension. Uzume dreams of rebuilding the Zero Dimension back to its former glory and one that can rival Planeptune. The dream may sound stupid but Uzume would rather dream big than settling for worse. Neptune understands and wishes her the best luck in her efforts.

The next few days, the group has done nothing as Uzume and Neptune lack motivation. Umio invites Nepgear out to show her something. Neptune and Uzume decide to follow. They find a facility of some sort in good condition. Nepgear cannot contain her excitement and begins inspecting the facility.

She concludes this is a transport facility. It was only used for inter-city travel, not inter-dimensional so it cannot be used to get home sadly. Suddenly Nepgear's N-Gear rings. It is from Histoire. Histoire finds Uzume familiar and Uzume seems to have another flashback. Histoire can transport the sisters home, and all they need to do is connect the transport terminal to the N-Gear and Histoire can manage it.

However, it does not work. Nepgear thinks the terminal is broken. She decides to repair it then contact Histoire. After several hours, she concludes her repairs but notes that there are still two major problems. One of the key components is corroded and needs a replacement and they lack power. The group decides to tackle the replacement part first.

During their search, Nepgear finds more information on the history of the Zero Dimension. During which, "Uzume" visits her and asks her what she is doing. Nepgear tells her that she just wants to find the truth of this dimension. "Uzume" is happy to hear that and thinks she may be the one to set her free.

Uzume calls for Nepgear who is in a half-asleep and wonders what she is up to. Nepgear gets confused as she thought she just saw her. Uzume thinks she might be tired. Nepgear does think this is the case then notices that there is more data than when she first looked at the report.

Nepgear begins to worry about what will happen to Uzume after all this. She does not want to leave her in the Zero Dimension. Neptune, Uzume and Umio notice this so they decide to bring her to an arcade to have fun. The best one that Umio knows is all broken.

Luckily Fried Shrimp arrives and knows of a better arcade, Club ZECA next town. When they get there, they found under attack from monsters. Hell's Crest asks the girls for help to which the girls agree in return for being allowed to play games. Hell's Crest is happy to accept the offer.

The girls defeat the monsters, Uzume gains some shares and another portion of her memories then the girls enjoy their time in the arcade. During which Nepgear thinks that the best way to go about Uzume's future is to solve all her problems then bring her over to the Hyper Dimension. Neptune and Uzume notice this and are happy their plan worked.

Suddenly, a security robot attacks and the girls defeat it to find the replacement part they were looking for. They return to the transport facility to plan out their next step.

In the facility, Nepgear calls Histoire. Uzume and Umio decide to solve the power issue by giving the Planeptune sister a share crystal. With that, they are ready to transport the sisters but Nepgear says she wants to stay until they can solve all of Uzume's problems then go back together.

Uzume is glad about Nepgear's offer but refuses. She begins to explain her reasons but Arfoire returns with a monster horde. The girls confront the horde but are beginning to get overwhelmed.

Umio tells Uzume that they should pull back and just help the Planeptune sisters escape. Uzume agrees and tells the sisters to retreat to the terminal. Uzume tries to set up the terminal but Arfoire catches up to her. Nepgear rushes out but Neptune returns to the Hyper Dimension.

Uzume, Umio and Nepgear retreat from the transport facility while Arfoire finishes up destroying it. Uzume berates Nepgear for losing her only way home. Umio tells Uzume there is no use in thinking about that. It would be better to retreat to their main base to plan a counterattack against Arfoire.

With that, Umio leads them to Datoyna Cave, a shortcut. Arfoire tails them and corners them. Nepgear and Uzume transform to fight her but she reveals her Deity of Sin form and overwhelms them. Luckily, older Neptune crashes in, heals the girls with Nep Bull VII and helps the two defeat Arfoire. Older Neptune then captures Arfoire in her Nep-Note.

The group invites older Neptune into their main base. They learn that she can travel between dimensions with the help of her friend Crostie. Before, they can begin their search for Crostie, Arfoire escapes the Nep-Note by tricking older Neptune, Uzume and Umio into giving Arfoire food and energy to escape her imprisonment. She retreats.

The group tries to track her down. During which Nepgear finds another report on the history of the Zero Dimension. Umio thinks that the reports tell the tale of Zero Dimension's destruction because someone lost control of their power. It did not matter what the person wanted. This can be Arfoire. Uzume does not care and wants to save the Zero Dimension only.

Uzume and Nepgear sense Share Energy in Smash Box Stadium and decide to check it out. The group finds Arfoire and Crostie aka Croire working together. The Share Crystal, Croire found was used to lure out the group. Croire invites older Neptune to join her in recording this dimension's end but older Neptune refuses.

Arfoire transforms into her true Deity of Sin form. Uzume transforms into Orange Heart. Nepgear, Orange Heart and older Neptune fight and manage to defeat Arfoire. Orange Heart returns to her human form. Unwilling to accept defeat, Arfoire asks for the power from the CPU from another dimension.

Using her newfound power, she resurrects Dark Purple. With the sudden turn of events, Uzume makes a gamble to take the Share Crystal from Arfoire. Arfoire gravely wounds Uzume and orders Dark Purple to destroy the area.

This forces the group and Croire to retreat. Uzume is badly wounded and dying. Nepgear uses Uzume's Visual Radio which she upgraded to find medical information to treat her. However, she lacks two medical ingredients. As punishment for giving Arfoire so much power, Neptune traps Croire in her Nep-Note and tapes her up so she can't escape.

Nepgear tells older Neptune her status and Neptune tells Croire she can be let out the book if she helps them find the ingredients. After collecting the ingredients, Neptune goes back on her word as she never promised her anything.

Nepgear goes to treat Uzume while older Neptune and Croire scout around. When Nepgear successfully treats Uzume, older Neptune reports that Arfoire has fused with Dark Purple and is one day away from the base. Uzume wants the monsters to evacuate. Nepgear volunteers to evacuate the monsters in her stead. Uzume needs to get better so they can confront the monsters.

Nepgear leaves and Uzume asks older Neptune to create her Nep Bull VII to speed up her recovery but keep it a secret from Nepgear. Older Neptune agrees. Later that night, Nepgear finishes the evacuation and decides to bathe. Uzume arrives to thank her for everything. She finally gets to explain to Nepgear that she was happy with the offer to return with her to Planeptune but she dreams of rebuilding the Zero Dimension. She tells Nepgear that she explained this to Neptune already. If it were not for the sisters, she would have never made it this far.

The next day, the girls enact their plan to defeat Arfoire. Unfortunately, despite it going without a hitch, Arfoire can now nullify Share Energy this nullifying the Sharing Field. However, the monsters of the Zero Dimension have all gather a Share Crystal to give Uzume a boost. It is not enough but Neptune sends over shares from the Hyper Dimension.

All of this is enough to entrap Arfoire in the Sharing Field. Neptune also arrives from the Hyper Dimension and the four girls defeat the Arfoire fused with Dark Purple. Before the Sharing Field disperses, older Neptune runs off after Croire and the Planeptune sisters return to the Hyper Dimension. Uzume is glad that everything went well and now she needs to work on repairing the Zero Dimension. She asks Umio for help who happily accepts.

Meanwhile, with the Zero Dimension adventures a success, the original Uzume can now materialize in the Hyper Dimension momentarily, as a result of receiving so much Share Energy through the Uzume that split from her. She begins to put her plan into motion.

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri
Due to the CPU Shift period, the Hyper Dimension sought new protectors in the form of the Gold Third. This creates the Golden Summits, which give off a rare signal in multidimensional space. The original Uzume abandons her plans to break into the Hyper Dimension through the Zero Dimension but ops to merge the dimensions instead. She slowly guides the Zero Dimension into a collision course with the Hyper Dimension.

In addition to that, the original Uzume is the mastermind behind all the strife within the Gamindustri Rewrite, an event she caused by using the negative emotions over the CPUs' defeat at the hands of the Gold Third.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend
The Zero Dimension is close enough to the Hyper Dimension. A hole connecting the two dimensions has formed. The original Uzume leads a monster horde into the Hyper Dimension. She is happy to run into the CPUs. While their guard is down, she captures them with Dark Purple.

Nepgear and Uni see this and Nepgear tries to stop this but Uni prevents her from doing so as they are no match for them. The original Uzume and Dark Purple return to the Zero Dimension. A few of Uzume's monster friends spot them and report to Umio.

Nepgear gathers up a rescue party consisting of the candidates, Gold Third, IF and Compa. They head over to the Zero Dimension and eventually confront Uzume. There is a tense standoff between Uni threatening to shoot Uzume but Uzume demanding more information on the Dark CPU.

Nepgear decides to trust her and they return to base. They believe there is an imposter of Uzume. Umio arrives to report that sightings of the Dark CPU were in the Northeast of the Zero Dimension but that is where the Zero Dimension ends.

Uzume and Umio joins the rescue mission and they head over to the northeast. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs. Uzume tells them this has been happening a lot recently and in addition she shows Nepgear the dimensional co-ordinates of Zero Dimension. Nepgear tells them changing dimension co-ordinates shouldn't possible but it seems that Zero Dimension's co-ordinates are getting closer to Hyper Dimension's co-ordinates.

Uzume wonders what will happen if the two are the same. Nepgear does not know and changes the topic to Uzume's memories. Uzume tells her she has been slowly gaining her memories but nothing too useful. She really wants to know the name of her nation though. The original Uzume and older Neptune arrive. The original Uzume tells Uzume her nation is Planeptune. She also tells them when both dimensions share the same dimensional co-ordinates, they will fuse but it will end up like Zero Dimension.

The original Uzume simply wants the Swirl Console from Nepgear. Nepgear refuses and wants her sister back. Since the negotiations are not going anywhere, the two flee to Deprived Domain. The rescue mission pursues them and corners them. The original Uzume releases a monster at them while older Neptune warps the two away.

The rescue mission defeats the monster and is happy to find that Neptune kept the portal open. The rescue mission continues their pursuit.

In the revival ending, the party consisting of the CPUs, candidates, Gold Third, IF and Compa are fleeing the massive monster horde heading to the Hyper Dimension before both the Heart Dimension and Zero Dimension collapses. They are currently in the Zero Dimension.

Neptune wonders if leaving Uzume to fight off the horde in the Heart Dimension is a good idea. The others urge her to accept Uzume's efforts but Neptune refuses as that would not get her a happy ending. She runs off. Nepgear and older Neptune follow her. The others decide to fortify Hyper Dimension's defenses against the incoming horde. Rom wants to help Nepgear but Ram refuses to allow her. Affimojas shows up and volunteers for that role instead.

Neptune, Nepgear, older Neptune, Affimojas and Steamax bring Uzume into Affimojas' second ship. They learn that the others are currently fighting the monster horde with all of military and militias in the Hyper Dimension. Umio has also evacuated all the monsters in the Zero Dimension into the ship. Uzume is glad about this and falls asleep.

All seems well until a portion of the monster horde invades the ship. Neptune, Nepgear and older Neptune get to work in defeating the invaders. Along the way, Uzume wakes up and assists them. They defeat the monster but Uzume spots the original Uzume who should be dead. She runs off after her.

The girls ask Affimojas for permission to follow her and he allows them to. The others from the Hyper Dimension join up with them in order to put an end to the original Uzume. They confront her and she tells them that she was killed but her sealed body will absorb Negative Energy and she will be reborn.

Uzume tells her she is wrong as her sealed body has long died. They are nothing but ghosts but she will accompany her to the afterlife. The original Uzume refuses to accept this and transforms into Dark Orange. Uzume uses her life as fuel for the final Sharing Field. The party defeats Dark Orange and Uzume tells them to go before the Zero Dimension collapses. She gives Nepgear her Visual Radio as a final memento.

Luckily, Uzume was revived and released from her sleeping state. This somehow allows Zero Dimension, as well as the Heart Dimension which were created from Uzume's dream to revive and exist as an independent dimension.