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Zolgelicoff Tetsu is the president of ZOLGE Co., a company based in Creator Town, a city near Planeptune. To grow his company, he enlists Neptune to help him. He calls it Project Nepupupu and gives her a series of quests.



Zolgelicoff Tetsu is an old man with a pot belly. The top of his head is bald but the sides of his head has purple hair. He has a scar on the left side of his eyes. Zolgelicoff Tetsu wears a olive green tank top with some Japanese characters in the middle. He also wears a red jacket and pants and mask with a yellow Z in the middle. His overall appearance suggests that he is a shady old man.


Zolgelicoff Tetsu is an arrogant man with a loudmouth. He ignores what others say and changes the topic often in uncomfortable subjects. He can see flaws in the game industry but it seems like his company participates in creating those flaws. He is passionate in making his company number 1 and is ultimately a harmless old man and the rumors that do follow him are false. He laughs with "Fweh heh heh heh!".


Megadimension Neptunia VII

Project Nepupupu Ch. 0
Zolgelicoff Tetsu sends a letter to the Planeptune Basilicom requesting that their CPU, Neptune come over to Creator. He wants to talk to her.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 1
In ZOLGE Co. headquarters, Neptune calls for the president for the company. The president, Zolgelicoff Tetsu arrives and introduces himself to Neptune. Neptune feels the man is way too suspicious. Zolgeicoff Tetsu tells her to not to judge someone by their looks or reputation on the internet. Neptune disagrees as his outfit is already way to suspicious. Zolgeicoff Tetsu claims that the public does not understand that he is the savior of the game industry.

Neptune thinks this guy is bad news. She thinks it is best not to delve too deep and finish her business here. She asks the president what he wants with her. Zolgelicoff Tetsu admits that he would like her help with ZOLGE Co. Neptune will never lend them her hand. Zolgelicoff asks her not to turn her down so quickly. He explains that ZOLGE Co. has grown a game industry leader.

They are now seeing dark clouds above the growth. While one can blame the internet for that, Zolgelicoff believes that the cause is a lack of creative games being released. He complains about the micro-transactions, safe series titles, or remakes that creates the stagnation which is driving people away. Neptune cannot believe how accurate the summary sites are. He's a loudmouth, arrogant and blind to his own shortcomings.

Zolgelicoff Tetsu says that his company's credibility, stocks and the whole game industry will succumb to a slow death. Someone must overcome this vicious cycle of stagnation for all the children who love games. Neptune suggests that Zolgelicoff Tetsu apologize to all the wronged customers and reduce service prices otherwise, no one will take him seriously. Zolgelicoff is glad Neptune is going to help him out unconditionally and indefinitely.

Neptune notices that Zolgelicoff has not listened to her at all. Zolgelicoff Tetsu requests that she gather materials that are efficient conductors so ZOLGE Co. can create new hardware. If ZOLGE Co. has such materials, they can advance research on a revoluntionary console that consumes little power and has little heat radiation. Neptune cannot believe what this guy is saying. He is too suspicious and he probably wants to make a miracle system. Zolgelicoff says he will submit a quest to the guild specifically for Neptune. He asks her to accept it.

Neptune cannot believe that he thinks she is going him. However, a quest is not to bad. Zolgelicoff is glad Neptune has learned how to properly ignore things. He names this operation "Project Nepupupu" and declares the start of it. Neptune is excited.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 2
Neptune returns to ZOLGE Co. and greets the president. Zolgelicoff Tetsu is happy that she is here. He reports that he has recieved the materials that she has obtained from the guild. Zolgelicoff would be taking them to the laboratory for research but something unfortunate has occurred. Neptune wonders if more bad rumors have appeared on the web about him.

Zolgelicoff says there is no problem on that front. He has stopped reading them for his mental health. The problem is the game development. Game development is specialized hard work so the staff can lose their humanity from stress. Neptune notices that he has started to divert the topic. Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells Neptune the staff turn into monsters and write groundless slander all over the forums. To stop this, he made sure they could not leave.

This morning, however a 2m thick partition has been destroyed. If Zolgelicoff knew about this, he would lock them up using a 2.5m thick partition like in Lastation. Neptune notices that he is talking about this as if all game companies are like this but that is not really the case. Zolgelicoff admits there are slight differences but most companies are like this.

Neptune thought it was just this company but she has now seen the dark side of the game industry. She did not want to hear that. Zolgelicoff Tetsu gives Neptune his new order. She needs to bring back the escaped monsters, otherwise known as his employees. Neptune is okay with that but how can she bring them back. She is unaware if she can even go easy on a monster.

Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells her that there are microchips on their employees that check on their physical condition. If they are weakened, they will be warped to the medical facilities. Neptune is free to go all out on them. If they are returned the medical facilities, they can be relieved of their stressed and healed up. Neptune is glad about how convenient this is. Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells her he will submit a quest in the guild. He asks her to check it.

Before Neptune leaves, he notices that the "Ambition Achievement Percentage" in the background has increased from last time. Zolgelicoff praises Neptune for her sharp observation. The Ambition Achievement Percentage is the achievement percentage of his company's ambitions. It has gone up because Neptune has assisted him. Because of Neptune, he was able to continue construction on a building addition that was stopped due to low funds. When all his company's ambitions have been achieved, the company building will become the world's Number 1 Skyscraper. That means the fate of this company rests on Neptune's shoulders. He asks her to do her best.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 3
Neptune returns to ZOLGE Co. and notes that it has been a while. She asks if the monsterized staff are okay now. Zolgelicoff Tetsu praises Neptune for her good work again. He explains that they have released their excessive stress, returned to their human form and regained their game making spirit. Neptune thinks that's good. Zolgelicoff reports that he immediately forced them..., escorted them back to the development site. He asks Neptune if she thinks games are fabulous.

Neptune feels that this is not solving a fundamental problem. Zolgelicoff asks that Neptune look at the Ambition Achievement Percentage. It has gone up even higher. By adding the materials Neptune gathered up for research, they were able to develop a new material. When they presented their findings, the investors were fooled. He corrects himself to say that the company received worldwide attention and they were able to expand their company.

Neptune is surprised he got good results and believes Zolgelicoff may actually achieve his ambitions. Zolgelicoff admits he is sorry to interrupt their celebration but he has another mission for Neptune. Neptune is eager to take it on. Zolgelicoff Tetsu is thinking of creating a new type media. Neptune wonders if he is talking about media types such as DG-ROM and Purple Ray Discs. Zolgelicoff is talking about this and the current media's capacity is too small, so he wants to expand it.

He declares ZOLGE Co. will destroy the barriers of capacity. He asks Neptune to go and destroy the walls of capacity. Neptune does not think capacity alone will fix his games but she is eager to complete the mission.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 4
Neptune returns to ZOLGE Co. headquarters and tells the president she is here to hang out. She then notices that the Ambition Achievement Percentage has gone up yet again. Zolgelicoff is glad she noticed. The employees that Neptune brought back have developed new hardware. The brats got excited from his specs announcement... Zolgelicoff corrects himself and the important user base helped the company expand by pre-ordering a lot of the hardware.

Neptune smells a major scam but she is glad to have helped expand the company. He decides to give Neptune her final mission. Neptune gulps. The company has developed a new console and is in the process of developing a new type of media. Neptune stays silent. The problem with hardware has been cleared. All that is left is software. The president has received a report that they are stuck on developing the RPG battle system for their main title.

Zolgelicoff Tetsu wants Neptune to fight battles that will inspire their employees to create the RPG battle system. Neptune does not understand his logic but all she has to do is beat up a strong monster and give them a video of it. Zolgelicoff tells her she is correct and their covert camera crew will watch her so she can fight to her fullest.

Project Nepupupu Ch. 5
Neptune returns to ZOLGE Co. headquarters to greet the president. Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells Neptune it has been a while. Neptune wants to know the status of the new console and media. Zolgelicoff reports that thanks to Neptune, their RPG was safely completed and all that is left is to ship it out. They have gotten positive reviews in game magazines as well as a lot of pre-orders. He never thought they would run out even after making a million units a day.

Neptune thinks a million is way too much. Neptune notices that the building is respectable but she has never seen any employees. She wonders if all this was fake. Zolgelicoff is glad to have this hardware and software. Now he can get back at the fools who made fun of him. He can even bring a fresh gust of wind to this stagnant Gamindustri. This was all thanks to Neptune's cooperation and Zolgelicoff declares he has won and laughs.

Neptune feels bad for Zolgelicoff. She is sure no one pays attention to him anymore so he has been deluding himself to thinking his company is getting bigger. She bets the RPG game and this company does not exist in the first place. Zolgelicoff wonders if Neptune said something and wonders if she thinks of him like all the others. Zolgelicoff claims he is fine. He declares that Project Nepupupu a success and laughs.

Neptune decides to leave him be. If reality is painful, then she'll let him have a happy dream. She praises Zolgelicoff for fulfilling his ambitions. Zolgelicoff Tetsu tells Neptune this is not much but he wants her to have something. Neptune is glad to have been given the plan for Nep Bull EX and thanks Zolgelicoff.


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